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Damage By Water Leaks and How Landlords Can Reduce Their Impact and Save Costs

In this blog post by, we explain why smart and insured tenants can cut a landlords repair bills, especially repairs due to damage caused by leaks of water. It’s that very cold time of the year when landlords are always pretty busy. As soon as the weather gets cold, the inevitable boiler breakdown will occur and it’s then that […]

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Landlords Insurance Shop Around for Buy to Let Insurance Plus a Look at New Markets for Landlord Insurers

Insurance is an area where competition is rife in the private rented sector. This means it is an area where landlords should be shopping around. But it is also a product where the providers of insurance should widen their marketing activity too as they could easily open up new markets. For landlords in the private rented sector, the two big […]

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The Main Media Doesn’t Understand Private Landlords and Suppliers to the Private Rented Sector Could Market to It Better

Does the media “get” the private rented sector? Do they understand the market? I’m afraid the answer to this is often “No” On Sundays we always buy a “chunky” Sunday paper for the main reason my son wants to read the Sports pages and my partner wants a TV guide and to tut about the stick thin models in the […]

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