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Fraud on Below Market Value BMV property by Lawrenson of LettingFocus.com

Further to last weeks’ post about mortgage lenders, I see the Chelsea Building Society is the latest lender who was so dopey in buy to let lending that they got hit for a big fraud.
In the case of the Chelsea, a loss of about £41m has been taken as a result of mortgage frauds involving some of its buy-to-let loans. Ouch!
The frauds appear to have involved professionals colluding to inflate the value of buy-to-let properties. Crikey, Imagine that! (Excuse the cynicism.)
A team of people are now going through these cases individually to see if fraud has been committed.
“This could take some time,” said one of their spokesmen (in what must be the understatement of the year.)
Too bad the Chelsea did not read or bother to respond to my consulting letter of a few years ago offering to help them make a better fist of their buy to let mortgage lending.

New Scam – Duff Leads for Below Market Value Deals
Talking of scams, in property fraud is a bit like the poor …….always with us!
The combination of lack of FSA regulation, rapacious entrepenuers and gullible punters wanting to get rich quick makes for a deadly cocktail.
So no surprise that my friend Paul Shamplina at Landlord Action has recently reported that their debt recovery department has never been busier due to pursuing rogue property sourcing and investment companies.
Here is the scam.
What happens is that a Dodgy Property Entrepeneur asks for up an upfront fee to source Below Market Value deals.
The Punter hands over his cash and the leads are duly delivered.
The trouble is once surveyed for mortgage purposes the value of these properties is a whole lot less - making them not so much “Below Market Value” deals as “About Market Value” deals.
The Dodgy Property Entrepeneur then refuses to refund the fee the punter paid.
Pretty simple hey and it’s the latest scam in the world of property, so let’s think of a name for it. Let’s call it “The Bogus Discount Deal Scam.”
So remember, always do your own research into property values and rental levels and check the level of demand in the area.
And for goodness sake, research the sourcing company - how long have they been operating and what does it say on the Internet about them? Always read the terms and conditions and get a signed contract.
Not all property sourcing companies are bad. Just make sure you don’t hand money over to a duffer.
In next week’s blog, I promise I’ll get round to look at studentification and the latest barmy government plans to make student areas, nicer!
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