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Private Rented Sector Access Schemes, Local letting Agencies & Choice Based Lettings - A Criticism by LettingFocus

In our consultancy work for housing associations and local authorities, looking at Private Rented Sector Access Schemes and so called "Local Letting Agency Models," we have seen that the public sector provides lots of different incentives such as Rent in Advance Schemes, Deposit Bonds, Finders fees and the like to get landlords to let to people on low income who are dependent on Local Housing Allowance.

The incentives have been assiduously studied and evaluated on cost grounds by the providers. There has been some especially good work by Crisis and Shelter on this.

However, we have not yet seen any piece of really good research which looks in detail at the value to landlords of the different incentive offers that are used by RSLs and local authorities. (Only the National Landlords Association touched on it as part of a wider research piece but it barely scratched the surface of this question.)
The charity Crisis rightly highlighted the danger of "incentive inflation" as RSLs and local authorities compete to get landlords to give them their properties.
This was a step in the right direction but what's the payoff in terms of benefits to the public purse?

In the absence of more research on this, we at the LettingFocus consultancy say that local authorities are in danger of providing offers that may be OK for the the landlord, but which may not be the best option from the taxpayers point of view.

We thought the Rugg Review was super, but even that review missed this important point.


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