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Unbiased buy to let, property investment and letting coaching, mentoring, advice and seminars for landlords from top selling property author and media commentator.

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Property Seminar and Landlords Networking Event on 9th March 2010

Don’t miss our property seminar and landlords networking meeting in London on the Evening of 9th March.
The meetings are small and informal and now only take place twice a year – we have a maximum of 25 guests and the meetings last for about 3 hours.
As usual we will have a special guest speaker plus you will have the chance to ask me lots of questions about residential property investment and letting.
And of course, you can network with other landlords too.
There are only eight places left, so hurry.
If you want to come, just email me at [email protected] and then just turn up on the night. Cost is £30.
Location of venue here:
Next Property Investment Seminar and Networking Event

Gas Boiler Scheme

Landlords will know from previous posts how I complained about the lack of tax incentives for landlords to replace their old boilers and the general vagueness from HMRC on this matter (and specifically the vagueness on whether putting in a new boiler could be classed as an improvement, replacement or even a repair) which affects how it could be treated for tax purposes.
But some good news, at last.
Landlords should be aware of the boiler scrappage scheme which will cut the cots of replacing old boilers by £400.
The basic procedure seems to be as follows: 1. Obtain three written quotes for the job. 2. Ring the 'Act on CO2' helpline on 0800512012 3. They will send your voucher out approx 10 days after application. Vouchers are valid for 12 weeks. 4. Have the work carried out, then send a copy of the 'paid' invoice along with the voucher back to 'Act on CO2'. They will then send you a cheque for £400.00For full details please see this link: http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Home-improvements-and-products/Heating-and-hot-water/Boiler-scrappage-scheme

Inside Track Back - David Lawrenson Quoted in the FT

Claer Barratt in the FT two weeks back reports that less than two years after it collapsed into administration, the men behind the buy-to-let property club Inside Track are back, targeting UK investors with a new get-rich-quick property scheme.
Members are promised they can make "make £100,000+ in five minutes" she says, and a nationwide programme of seminars has begun to recruit investors eager to participate in the UK's next property boom.
Financial Times sister publication, “Investors Chronicle” went to one of these and found participants being encouraged to part with fees of more than £40,000 to acquire a portfolio of five UK properties from distressed developers, with IAP Global acting as the middleman.
I was quoted in the FT article too where I observed, “High-risk techniques are not used by the majority of responsible landlords, and it is therefore unfair that we might have to suffer increased regulation as the result of irresponsible activity from a small minority of greedy investors."
The full article is here (you need to register (for free, currently) to read the whole thing):


LettingFocus.com is the home of landlord information.
Hello, I’m David Lawrenson.
I’ve been a landlord and property investor myself for over 25 years and am author of “Successful Property Letting” – the UK’s top selling commercially published property book for the last 3 years.
Primarily, I work as a consultant to banks, local authorities, social housing providers and other organisations – helping them with their landlord facing or buy to let product strategies and services.
I also write for property websites and am regularly quoted by the media.
I have written articles, guides and documents on letting property and property investing for numerous publications including The Independent, The Telegraph and for quality landlord and property websites.

Services for Private Landlords

For private landlords and other investors in the private rented sector, we do two London seminars each year.
We also find some spare time to help landlords and property investors by coaching them in how to make money in the private rented sector using ways that work, which are ethical, fair to tenants and which involve minimal risk to the investor.
We pride ourselves on giving independent unbiased buy to let advice on either a one to one mentoring / coaching basis or through our occasional group seminars.
With no links to property firms, developers or bridging loan providers we can advise on where and what type of property to buy for investment and when to buy it. We also show you how to manage tenants properly.


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Next Property Investment Seminar and Networking Event
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