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List of Recent Articles in the National Press featuring Residential Property Investment and private rented sector (PRS) Sector expert David Lawrenson of

This list shows only those articles in the last 12 months where LettingFocus and /or David Lawrenson have been quoted, plus a few older ones. And there is a web link back to (Note: For some articles at the Financial Times and for some other publications, readers may need to register / subscribe to read the full article.) If you’d like to get in touch please send me an email.

17th February 2019 “”

 5th January 2019 “Estate Agent Today”

3rd November 2018 “Financial Times”

14th June 2018 “Landlord Zone”

 4th June 2018 “” (How Landlords Can Spot Difficult Tenants)

15th March 2018 “Landlord Zone”

4th October 2017 “Property Week”

 20th September 2017 “Financial Times”

 8th July 2017 “Letting Agent Today”

6th April 2017 “Buy Association”


6th April 2017 “Estate Agent Today”


5th April 2017 “Mortgage Introducer”


23rd Jan 2017 “LoveMoney”


7th Jan 2017 “CityAM”

7th December 2016 “Mortgage Solutions”


6th December 2016 “Landlord Law” (Interview)


3rd December 2016 “Financial Times” (Story on AirBnB)

26th November 2016 “Financial Times”


26th November 2016 “The Guardian”


26th November 2016 “Letting Agent Today”

31st October “Investors Chronicle” Podcast


12th October “Letting Agent Today”


12th October “Residential Landlord”


12th October “Mortgage Introducer”


8th June “Mortgage Introducer”


8th June “Letting Agent Today”


8th June “”


8th June 2016 “This Is Money” (Daily Mail)

5th May 2016 “Daily Telegraph”


19th April 2016 “Letting Agent Today”


5th April 2016 “Kent Reliance” Report


26th March 2015 “The Guardian”


15th March 2016 “What Mortgage”

1st March 2016 “Financial Times”

28th February 2016 “LandlordLaw”

28th February 2016 “Simple Landlords Insurance”

10th January 2016 “Daily Telegraph”

3rd December 2015 “Mortgage Solutions”

28th November 2015 “The Guardian”


25th November 2015 “OPP Today”


25th November 2015 “Landlord Zone”


25th November 2015 “Money Expert”


24th November 2015 “Financial Times”


14th October 2015 “Mortgage Introducer”


4th August 2015 “Financial Times”


13th July 2015 “The Guardian”

25th June 2015 “Daily Telegraph”


25th April 2015 “Daily Telegraph”


18th April 2015 “The Guardian”


11th April 2015 “The Guardian”


9th April 2015 “Letting Agent Today”