Sheds with Beds and Why More Regulation of Landlords Would Probably be a Waste of Time and Money

Synopsis: David Lawrenson of points out how recent experiences of  “rogue landlords” letting out “sheds with beds” goes to show why more regulation would probably be a waste of resources. As if any more sign was needed that there is a huge shortage of accommodation it must be the emergence of the “sheds with beds” story. It now seems […]

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Landlord Register Scrapped and No More Regulation Of Letting Agents

News has just come in that the national landlords register proposed by the last government has been scrapped for England and Wales. I thought the register  might not be a bad idea if it was set up right, unlike the pre-existing Scottish scheme. See my comments on how the scheme north of the border seemed to be a pretty hopeless, […]

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Landlords Registration, Landlord Register and Licensing Scheme Let’s Avoid the Scottish Mistakes says LettingFocus

As you may know, a registration scheme for landlords has been proposed for England and Wales for all landlords. Under the proposals, now on hold until after the election, a fee would be charged to landlords who would all be required to register. At LettingFocus we are not opposed to this as long as the objective of the scheme is […]

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