Data Privacy Notice

I am David Lawrenson, founder of Our ICO registration certificate is ZA408782.

At LettingFocus, we only mail to people who have actually requested to go on our mailing list. To get on our mailing list, simply complete the Contact Form or email me at [email protected]. You only need to give your email address.

We send out mailings roughly once a quarter, but we may also send out other mailings from time to time, if there is something newsworthy for landlords, property investors or others, such as journalists who are interested in the private rented sector.  The mailings are handled for us by a mailing housed called, who also hold our subscriber and unsubscribed data.

You can unsubscribe at any time you like, either by emailing me or ticking the unsubscribe option on any of the mailings we send out.

We do not pass customer email addresses or any other information to any third parties, other than our mailing house for the purposes of mailings sent from us.

We may use cookies on our website.

We do not profile your data. However, we can see which links on our mailings you might have clicked on – and we may occasionally send you information relating to these areas that you appear to have a specific interest in.

We do not collect phone number or any other address data, unless you choose to give it to us and /or have become a private consulting client of ours and have consented to us holding this information.  And we will only hold this data as long as you remain a client of ours.