LettingFocus are consultants working mainly with organisations who wish to improve the way they engage with the private rented sector.
We also work with individual private landlords


Lettings Focus has played a major role in helping us shape our approach to working with private sector landlords. The advice we had from David Lawrenson covered what we could – and what we could not – expect landlords to deliver, how best to connect with them and negotiate ‘win-win’ arrangements, what sort of landlord would be best able to meet our objectives and where in London we would find them. Lettings Focus gave us a perspective that we could not provide in-house. Their advice is helping us to develop new and innovative solutions to meeting housing need.
John Schofield – Director Family Mosaic Housing Association and Chairman Southwark Council Strategic Housing Partnership

David worked on a specific project for Rightmove -to research, advise and write short guides for our on line user content. We are very pleased with the resulting work. I would like to thank David for his hard work and would have no hesitation in recommending his work to others. Good luck in the future David
Mark Coxhead – Marketing Director Rightmove.co.uk

With a little delay I’d like to thank you for Tuesday evening. It was really great to meet you in person and see all these people who think the same way I do.
This was a real “common sense” event, and the people who came gave me some good advice, especially DS and RS, who I had the opportunity to chat with in the end. At another property seminar I went to, over half a year ago, they wanted to sell me their 7k package. In the end I was convinced that many of their members made more money signing up new people than from their properties.

F Javor

It was very nice meeting you at the seminar. Thank you for arranging it, and for your time. Other seminars are either get rich quick (fake) schemes which are trying to capitalise on some innocent victims, or the events are full of (fake) BMV property offerings etc. Your seminar is of a much higher quality and the items presented such as Property Investor Magazine live up to your standards. I will continue to follow your blog and attend your seminars. I have benefited from the knowledge you have shared. I look forward to meeting you again in your next seminar.

Atul Roy

Thanks for the seminar. It was my first introduction to property investment and I found it very good. I am studying your book and can’t wait to get down to business.

Tom Morrell

We would like to say thank you for running over those numbers with us and opening new doors via the useful contacts you suggested. We have contacted the companies we were thinking of investing with to further analyse their investment opportunities in the Czech Republic in more detail. I must also say thanks for the book – it is a good read and hard to put down. We will keep you posted re further developments and thanks again for your professional time and expertise.
Lee Tomlinson and Jacqui Blades

The Seminar was a very valuable and interesting evening – with a good range of topics discussed. All of the presenters demonstrated a sound knowledge of their subject matter, and the size of the audience plus the mixture of experienced and inexperienced buy-to-let investors made it great for group discussion and networking. As somebody who is keen to invest, but not yet taken that final step, it was a relaxed environment for meeting people who can talk about their own personal experiences. I will certainly try to attend some of the future meetings…and hopefully talk about my own success stories. Best Regards

Colin Gaynor

Thanks. It was a very useful seminar and it seems even the experienced landlord opposite me (Mathew?) got a lot of it.

B Toong

Thank you for helping me to establish my property portfolio objectives. The telephone consultation was invaluable for pointing me in the right direction. You have saved me a massive amount of time and expense!

Kind regards,

Raja Javed

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S Ramos

Living in The Middle east, I have to do the majority of my property research and dealings over the Internet. In an industry known for it’s ‘marketing overkill’ it is invaluable for me to have direct access to an expert such as you who is willing to share his first-hand knowledge and experience. I especially found our face-to-face consultation in London useful as it not only gave me a sounding board for my current investment strategy but allowed me to explore ideas for future expansion of my property business.

I find you a very easy person to deal with and am impressed that you have maintained email contact after our initial meeting. This shows me that you are one of those rare breed of people in the property business who are genuinely interested in nurturing long-term business relationships and not just paying ‘lip service’ to this concept.

Good luck for the future and keep up the great work!

Rehman Akhtar

David, just a note to thank you for invaluable hints and tips I am picking up from my regular telephone mentoring sessions with you. It is really helpful to get an objective, unbiased external perspective on both the big picture strategic stuff as well as the more tactical day to day issues facing every landlord. You have opened my eyes to lots of “angles” I was unaware of that will definitely open up new business opportunities as I expand my portfolio.

A.B. Abergavenny

Dear David,

just to say how much Michael and I enjoyed last evening’s Seminar Event. We both found the content of the discussions most interesting and there is much to be learnt from your discussion groups. We loved your book which is what prompted us to come along and we are most interested in coming along to your next gathering. As I said last night I feel it is important to have the right people on board as speakers. We all know that there are many sharks out there sitting in wait for your money and for most people it is important to find people like yourself who know the business and can through experience guide us away from the sharks of the trade.

We look forward to seeing you again.

Jayne Eustace

David’s one to one advice was useful, direct and great value for money. I would highly recommend his expertise.

Alex Marshall

Hi David

It was great to meet you yesterday. It was also great meeting other like minded people also and gained a lot of insight about property investing from your talks.

Raja Sen

Thanks for the extremely helpful newsletter. It was most informative and I’m encouraged by your views on long term property prices which are much the same as mine.

Lynn Batham

Your advice has really helped clarify my objectives going forward

Peter Sheppard, Oldbury, West Mids

I enjoyed your seminar last week as it was good to be a part of a small group and network. It made me realise that there are a number of different ways to invest in property and the private leasing scheme is one I had not considered before but will certainly be looking into.

Rosemarie Cousins

Hope you are well. Just wanted to thank you for the seminar last Wednesday, it was most insightful!

Rob Haggett

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