New Local Housing Allowance Rates How the New LHA Rates Have Huge Implications for House Prices and Rents Everywhere

Even landlords who don’t let to benefit dependent tenants and tenants who don’t get state aid to pay their rent will be affected by the capping of Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates. As a result of the changes to LHA rates, there could be some potentially big changes to local house prices and rents. Lots of Heat The whole issue […]

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Housing Benefit and Local Housing Allowance Are Cut and CGT Rises in the Budget

So who wins and who loses from the emergency budget? Well, the trouble with the budget is that lots of the details are in the hard to get (and even harder to digest) documents that come out after the Chancellor has sat down.) But back at the desk and catching up, it seems clear that one winner could be the […]

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