Guide to Deposit Disputes and Damages Welcomed by LettingFocus

The three deposit protection schemes in England and Wales have issued new guidance for landlords and tenants. It is called “Guide to Deposit Disputes and Damages.” At we say it is broadly welcome and has been badly needed for some time. You may recall that just a month or so ago I was blogging on the need for some […]

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Landlords Inventories & Tenancy Deposit Schemes Drift in Inventory Requirement Should Stop

At long last we have had a fairly quiet week in the private rented sector, so this week, I’m just going to jot down some random thoughts on tenancy deposit schemes and inventories. From the moment back in 2007 when all deposits taken under new assured shorthold tenancies in England and Wales had to be protected in one of the […]

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Landlord Register Scrapped and No More Regulation Of Letting Agents

News has just come in that the national landlords register proposed by the last government has been scrapped for England and Wales. I thought the register  might not be a bad idea if it was set up right, unlike the pre-existing Scottish scheme. See my comments on how the scheme north of the border seemed to be a pretty hopeless, […]

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