Making Money Involves Work, Research and not Just Following the Mainstream News

In this article, I use the case of Build to Rent to illustrate how “groupthink” permeates the mainstream media. I use it to show that you need to be intellectually curious and check out alternative, often more informed sites to make money in property or stocks or anything else. And it is also helps to have a decent level of scepticism about whatever the “current thing” is that the mainstream media would have you believe to avoid being moulded by their opinions and their narratives.

Some people in the UK do not like it when other people make money. Maybe it is the same elsewhere, possibly except for the United States, where making money is celebrated and sort of “in their DNA”.

It is an odd thing.

So why do some people make money in property and stock markets and others do not.

I am more successful at property but have also done OK by investing in stocks and shares too.

So, what do I do?

Well, for many years I have been interested in both property and personal finance, so that helps. It is hard to make money in something that bores you to death.

Also, I never really enjoyed “working for the man” so I was motivated to do something else outside the office walls.

I worked in an office job for 19 years and one month (yes, I counted it up) and never really enjoyed it – the groupthink, the enforced jollity at office Christmas parties and much else left me cold. (I think the TV sitcoms, “The Office” and “Peep Show” sum up my personal experience of the deadly, stifling everyday mundanity of office life very well. I appreciate other people would not recognise that description though).

Plus, I think I have a questioning mind and I guess my awkward habit, (which I rather enjoyed), of asking the obvious tough questions of senior management that everyone else was too frightened to ask, might have made me unpopular with the top people.

Eventually my property and other wealth was comfortably at a high enough level to allow me to quit working for someone else and concentrate on property full time. (I could have quit earlier but my Dad’s mantra of “keeping your head down in a safe job” was a hard and ingrained attitude to break).

I think all I do differently to other people is I read around a topic and look at alternative sources of information. This applies in property, stock market investing and just for general news too. More on that in a moment.

I am not an obsessive reader; I just am able to quickly figure out where to go to for an alternative and usually better informed point of view.

Good Property Websites and Magazines

For property investing, there are several sites I dip into – Property118, Property Tribes, LandlordZone and LandlordLaw are four of the main ones.

Also, I receive three magazines through the post – which are all excellent. Two are Property Investor News at and Your Property Network at (I also write a monthly column for the latter magazine). Both are available on subscription. In addition, as a member, I receive the magazine of the National Residential Landlords Association.

I strongly recommend all three if you are a serious landlord and want an independent view on things, without any risk of being dragooned into paying to go on expensive courses. In fact, I am pretty sure that most of the people involved in all these publications and the websites I have mentioned are very much opposed to the type of “Get Rich Quick in Property” courses that have been proved to be failures most of the time.

Just as a good example of what I am talking about regarding “narratives” is an excellent article by Peter Hemple in this months’ Property Investor News which absolutely destroyed the supposedly “true narrative” about the growth of what is called Build to Let.

Build to Let is something that I have written about often. Basically, it is where big city investors, fund managers and the like finance the build of big blocks of apartments for the specific purpose of owning and renting them out to people. It can include Purpose Built Student Accommodation too, as a sub class, though this is often excluded from the normal definition of Build to Let, as it is more specialist, with dedicated companies like Unite, rather than big capital groups and pension funds being to the fore.

Many of us private landlords have for a long time been very concerned about the growth of these big city investors. However, I have repeatedly pointed out that their operating costs are so high that, without more government help, they will never make great returns and the best returns they can expect are barely above the returns from government and safe corporate bonds. They will also struggle to take all that much market share.

But they are a threat all the same.

And if you read the mainstream news, you would be under the impression that the proportion of rental stock owned by the big city investors in these shiny new development block was growing apace.

But, not so fast!

Build to Rent is Hyped

In that new, brilliant article in Property Investor News, Peter Hemple simply looks at original sources of data and shows that far from taking a larger chunk of the private rented sector, the Build to Rent boys are actually seeing their share shrink.

You will need to read the article to get the full flavour, but two areas that he highlights are these…

1 A lot of new additions to stock that get reported are not new additions at all. All that has happened is that one company has sold to another.

2. A lot of the new build that gets reported often does not get built anyway for a whole heap of reasons – refusal of planning permission being a key one.

But of course, the companies behind these developments employ good PR people who are keen to make the most of every possible good news story. And they do. And of course, it gets gobbled up by the property press and sometimes the mainstream press too.

The press often just regurgitates the press releases, which are always designed to make this especially easy for the scribes. Just copy and paste. Few journalists have the time available or can be bothered to make the effort to delve into things a bit more. Why should they, after all time is money and no one went into being a scribe to earn big bucks.

And so, when journalists see lots of similar press releases saying that lots of developers are doing more build to rent, they believe the narrative that Build to Rent must be getting huge – and hence so do their readers.

It is nonsense – and a big thanks to Hemple for showing that it is just that. Now I am properly informed too. If all I read was the mainstream press and the lazier property press, I would be none the wiser. But Hemple confirms what I had thought must be the case for some time – a view I came to by just looking around me at what was going on.

Some of you will know from my Twitter tweets (before they banned me for “Wrong Think”) and also from various posts here that I hold views that are sometimes very much against the mainstream narrative pushed on us by the mainstream “trusted” news.

The mainstream news are reporting slavishly from press releases from Sage, the UK government, the pharma companies, and are likely under a D Notice to not publish information exposing the non-safety of the Covid “vaccines”.

For example, they refuse to report that almost 600,000 people in the UK have filed Covid “vaccine” yellow card reports citing damage and illnesses they consider are due to the jabs – this despite the fact that there has been a mass propaganda campaign claiming the injections are safe and effective and despite the fact that most people are not even told of the existence of the Yellow Card scheme! (The UK government continues to refuse to look into this, despite these numbers being higher than the total for ALL vaccine injuries and damages for the whole of the last 30 years – also not reported by mainstream media).

So, when it comes to the general news too, I like to think I have “tested positive for free thinking” as one of my t shirts says. (By the way, no one has to have go to university, get a degree and in my case an MBA to be an “intellectual”. In fact, some of the dumbest, least questioning people I know are post graduate university educated people who often seem to have no curiosity or creative thinking, and they blindly follow the rules and the orders their betters bombard them with as being “truth”).

I am concerned about the loss of our freedoms especially the freedom to not be coerced into taking an untested gene therapy medical intervention. (It is not a “vaccine” as it does not meet the old industry definition of what that is – a fact admitted by some of the people connected to the Big Pharma companies making all the cash here. (See note*)). I am concerned about the loss of our rights to protest. I am concerned about the growth of wokery and cancel culture. I am concerned that debates about things like whether the Covid gene therapy “vaccines” are safe, and the real extent of climate change (and whether this is all caused by humans), have been effectively banned from most mainstream media (with the honourable exception of GB News), because the science is supposedly “settled”.

Newsflash – science is NEVER settled and should always be debated.

Get Smart – Be a Sceptic

So what?

Well, I like to think my natural scepticism, intellectual curiosity, and willingness to question things is very much connected up with how I make money from property and other investing in the past.

So, my advice is this. Look around at other news sources. Get an alternative view. Use this great Internet invention that Tim Berners Lee gave us. Look around you at the evidence you see with your own eyes. Does it look right?

If you are looking into contentious news areas such as the Russia-Nato proxy war in Ukraine, Covid, lockdowns, the safety of “vaccines” and climate change, it is best to remember, as part of your research, that the likes of Google routinely censors search engine results to maintain a globalist narrative. So, use a more independent search engine such as Brave.

For investing in property or stocks, there is no censorship of course, just a slavish following of press releases by the mainstream and more lazy property and personal finance press – so Google is OK to use here.

Notes: Video -“Flu Commisary” for Belgium, (who is also on advisory boards for GSK, Merck, J&J among other Big Pharma companies, so no conflicts of interest there ). Sample quote: “You make an agreement with media to get carpet coverage so they don’t look for alternative voices”.

Video: President of Bayer’s pharmaceutical division admits the Covid “vaccine” is gene therapy. Quote: “Two years ago, 95% of people of people would have refused to take gene therapy, but Covid made it possible”.

Bayer President: The mRNA Vaccines Are Gene Therapy | Armstrong Economics


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