Zero or Nil Tenancy Deposit Schemes

Zero or Nil Tenancy Deposit Schemes In the last month, another “Zero Tenancy Deposit Scheme” has been launched, but are they a good idea? Deposits are now limited to five weeks’ rent for all tenancies starting on or after 1st June 2019, by order of the recent Tenant Fees Act, (except for where annual rents are over £50,000, (where, for […]

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Starting Off in Buy to Let

Starting Off in Buy to Let David Lawrenson of ponders the issue of risk for those getting into buy to let for the first time in this piece on “Starting off in Buy to Let”. When you invest in property for the first time, it can take you out of your comfort zone. When I had first bought a […]

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Getting Local Information on Property

Get the lowdown on any area you are buying in by using all the information available on line says David Lawrenson of Obviously, you can use Google Earth ( and for street views without even having to leave your desk. Population breakdowns, employment trends and earning levels for an area can be found at the Office for National […]

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