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I just thought I would write a brief post setting out what it is we do and what we offer clients who come to us for one to one advice.

With my one to one consultancy / coaching sessions, people can explore whatever area is of special interest to them, work out a particular buy to let problem or strategy, discuss an area they are looking at buying into or just get general or ad hoc but specific advice on residential property and letting as an investment.

My advice can be as wide ranging or as focussed as people’s individual needs are!

The key thing is that it is focused on your needs.

Independent Property and Landlord Advice and Information from a Real Expert

Most seminar providers and supposed “experts” often make a lot of money from commissions on property, mortgage fees and tied in solicitors.

I don’t – we take no commissions or kick backs from anyone, so my advice is uniquely unbiased and independent.

If a property or an area is a “dud” I will tell you straight. If something you are thinking of doing is too risky, I will tell you this too.

I am a professional UK property investor and landlord myself and the author of the UK’s highest selling book on property, “Successful Property letting – How to Make Money in Buy to Let” (see links below).

For the last 30 years, all I have done in the work arena is invest in residential property. And in addition to my own knowledge, I constantly learn from other respected people too. (There are not many real experts, but we are pretty sure we know all the real ones and they all take my calls!).

So when you come to me for advice, you have the benefit not just of all my knowledge gained over all that time, but also all the knowledge of all the people that I have also learned from over the years as well. It is a huge resource.

Professional Investors and the Government Seek Our help

As an independent commentator and respected expert on the private rented sector, I am also quoted regularly in the press. (See the link below showing where we have been featured in the media).

I have advised and spoken on private rent issues at the London Assembly and the Council of Mortgage Lenders, amongst other leading bodies.

And I have advised organisations ranging from property portals, such as Rightmove through to banks, building societies, institutional investors, housing associations and local authorities. Think tanks on housing such as the Resolution Foundation and the Rugg Review have often sought my advice on the private rented sector.

Financial Freedom in Property

It is my view that no one needs to spend thousands of pounds going on courses to learn about property investment and /or how to be a landlord. (With a few exceptions, these courses are mostly run by charlatans promising the myth of fast riches / financial freedom through property. And they often promote high risk, unproven and dangerous schemes that do not work in practice).

You do not need to do this. And you don’t need to spend that amount of money either. But you do need real advice from real experts.

I always say, just consider doing a half day (3.5 hour) for a first consultation with me – for many people that may be all they need anyway. Often though, people will do an initial session and then arrange a follow up session or two a few months or even years down the line, as and when they need to.

My one to one (or one to two) consulting can be done either at a face to face meeting or, if distance is a problem, over the phone or by Skype. I have advised many clients from places as far afield as Russia, China, Singapore and the USA – mostly this is done via Skype.

Our full day or 1/2 day consulting sessions can be broken up into two or more sessions by arrangement, if that is what you want to do.

Feel free to bring one partner or a friend – there is no charge for this.

Longer term projects and ongoing mentoring can be negotiated separately after the first session.

Once we have spoken and worked out how I can help you, do please feel free to compare the cost of our one to one service with the cost of group seminars / courses arranged by most other providers. I think you will find it is quite good value.

Property Knowledge and Advice

And by tapping into me, don’t forget you have access to over 30 years of property investing and landlording knowledge

All work is invoiced and, depending on your tax position, professional fees for this kind of advice should be deductible from rental income in the UK as part of your landlords’ professional expenses.

Payment is required in advance. (Bank details for bank to bank transfer can be provided or payment by cheque.)

If you are interested, please send me an email to [email protected] and I can call you back to find out a bit more about what areas of advice you are looking for.

If we go ahead, I may ask you to send a brief summary on a single word file (max 200 words) of any information you think is relevant ahead of any session we hold. This could cover your objectives, financial information or any matter you wish. If you do so, this is up to you, of course. But it tends to ensure we stay focussed in the sessions!

If you wish me to do any special research, we can discuss this during the session and I will evaluate how much time it will take to do and quote you accordingly.

Do feel free to have a browse around our site and blog.

Finally, to evaluate the success of our own marketing I’d be most grateful to know how you found out about us.



Services to Businesses and the Public Sector

We advise a range of organisations including banks, building societies, local authorities, social housing providers, institutional investors and insurers. We help them develop and improve their services and products for private landlords. David Lawrenson, founder of LettingFocus, also writes for property portals, speaks at property events and is regularly quoted by the media.

Services for Private Landlords

We help landlords and property investors by showing them how to make money in the private rented sector using ways which are fair to tenants and which involve minimal risk.

Our advice is completely independent. We take don’t commission payments or fees from anyone, ever.



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  • Good to see property investor seminar distancing itself from the get rich quick ethos and myth, successful buy to let requires careful planing and understanding. Good work David, will share this page.

  • “It is my view that no one needs to spend thousands of pounds going on courses to learn about property investment and /or how to be a landlord”

    Always amazing how more expensive these courses are compared to NFoPP Level 2 qualification.

    One certainly needs to learn how to be a landlord if self managing, with the RLA identifying 100 acts of parliament or statutory regulations, which contain 400 individual requirements which effect landlords. It should not cost thousands; like you say.

    If someone wants to pay thousands for advice, then thats up to them.
    What annoys me is not the price, but the bad advice! ..

    We get calls from people wanting a mortgage with no deposit as a guru told them they just need to renovate a property to get there funds, huh!… The worst one that crops up every now and then is the Guru who tells people the indicate to a surveyor that “im going to live in it” as they will give it a better value than if it was for buy to let… That is one way to kill a deal.

    Those that sell books and seminars on “no money down”. Which is realy “Borrow from your parents”.

    Getting Carried Away, but yes David. Rather annoying.

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