Why I’m Not Passionate About Financial Freedom and Journeys With Power Teams

Are you going on a journey with your Power Team in search of Financial Freedom? Are you passionate about property? Are you an inspirator? (No, I don’t fully understand that phrase either). Do have a mentor? Do you have access to the secrets of success in property.

Passionate About Financial Freedom and Journeys With Power Teams

Well, don’t worry if your answer to all those questions is a “No”. My answer would be a No too.

In fact, whenever I hear anyone come up with such meaningless twaddle, (which is all too often at property shows and so called “meets”), I’m afraid I rather feel like reaching for the sick bag.

These words and phrases, and some others, have become the accepted way of talking at some of the property shows and get togethers that I occasionally attend. The worst sort of shows will also have a motivational type of speaker and/ or host who will suddenly make the audience laugh heartily at what appears to me a rather lame joke, which then makes me wonder if I’ve just stumbled into some Happy-Clappy Bible-Bashing Event or if the audience and speakers have all taken some drug on the way in (and why did they not offer me some too – I don’t look that square these days, do I?).

Real Property Knowledge

We have been teaching how to make a success of investing in residential property for ten years and I’ve been “doing” landlording  and property investing for myself for thirty years – as a residential landlord-investor.

Yes, I talk to other people, but I don’t need Power Teams, though having good people around me I can trust is key, once you get going.

Yes, it is good to go to meet other investors at property events, but choose who you speak to with care.

Yes, I am passionate about my wife , my son and things like music, but I’m not passionate about property. I like it, sure, but I’m not passionate about it. Don’t be silly! Get a life.

Yes, I have financial freedom now, but I had to work at it. I did it slowly and surely, taking care not to take excessive risks like investing with no money down, (though I admit in private that I did cut a few corners and yes I did play fast a loose a few times, with a few calculated risks).

Yes, I’m on a journey. I like to read and improve my knowledge and become a better person. But that’s the extent of it. I’m definitely not on a journey with property.

Yes, I tell others about how to do it now, but 90% of my time is still spent investing in property for myself. (I always say this: If your “mentor” is spending 50% or more of his time running property education courses and mentoring people, you might ask him why is he not running his property business full time. Why he is wasting time telling you how to do it and not doing it for himself? Surely altruism only extends so far. And if he wants to “give something back”, I’m sure that many hospices and charities would love a pair of helping hands).

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* Oddly enough at many of these Property Meets-Ups, few people have heard of me or my book and few have ever read any book about property – which kind of tells you something.



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Our book is the highest selling personal finance and property book in the UK. Click here to Find Out More and Buy it.

If you are from an organisation and would like to bulk buy, please ask us for special rates.

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