Letting to Pets

The latest proposal to come from the Labour Party, along with a number of other proposals effecting the welfare of animals, is that landlords can no longer be allowed to disallow pets.  So landlords will be forced to be letting with pets. The fact is that the British are supposed to be pet lovers, but British landlords may not be such […]

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Buying a New Boiler

Buying a New Boiler David Lawrenson, landlord expert at LettingFocus.com looks at the things you should consider when buying a new gas boiler. So, it’s cold right now, very cold. And naturally enough, this is just the sort of time your boiler breaks down. (Machines tend to break when they are being used most intensively). As a landlord, in winter […]

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Why Labour Plans to Stop No Fault Evictions Need a Rethink

Why Labour Plans to Stop No Fault Evictions Need a Rethink Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has said that it would consider stopping what are sometimes called “no fault evictions” in England and Wales, if elected. But Corbyn’s plan could serve to increase the amount of property that is sitting empty, says David Lawrenson of LettingFocus.com. The Momentum Labour Party has said […]

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