Conservative Plans for the Private Rented Sector

David Lawrenson of LettingFocus says the Conservatives actually have some good ideas for the private rented sector whilst Labour’s plans are doomed to fail. First, he looks at what the Conservatives are proposing. Housing Court So, now we know what the Conservatives would like to do next with the private rented sector – and actually it’s rather sensible. (Maybe the government […]

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Some Lenders Likely To Exit Making Loans to Portfolio Landlords

David Lawrenson says some commentators think there is a silver lining in the new rules on mortgage lending which the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority has now imposed on “portfolio landlords”. They say the new rules could actually make getting mortgages easier for this class of landlord. But Lawrenson says that conclusion is incorrect. There is no silver lining. Lenders Likely To Exit […]

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Portfolio Landlords Buy to Let Mortgage Assessments

Portfolio Landlords Buy to Let Mortgage Assessments I received some interesting comments from the residential estate agent, Portico, this week on the new buy-to-let mortgage lending rules hitting portfolio landlords (those with four or more buy to let mortgage loans) later this month.’s Regional Director, Mark Lawrinson, commented:  “Under the new rules, if you want to make an application for a […]

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