Counterblast to Covid and Lockdown zealots

I have been wanting to write this article for some time as my response to the lunacy that has been happening this year on Covid – and especially the sinister control that is now being played out over people’s lives.

I hope a lot of people read it carefully and reflect on it.

It is a long piece – at almost 7,000 words – but I urge you to read it.


The proportion of people who die WITH Covid 19 as a percentage of those who contract it is 0.12%, about 1 in 800. Yes, so the chance of surviving it is 99.88%. And these figures include those who have a serious underlying condition as well as the very old.

So if you don’t have a serious underlying condition (a bit of asthma does not count!), you are very, very, very unlikely to die with Covid 19. In fact, you are far more likely to die as a result of being hit by lightning if you are under 40.

As at just before Christmas 2020, a total of just 377 people, under age 60, in English hospitals who had no underlying conditions died “With Covid” on the death certificate. Less than 400! For all age groups, in English hospitals only 2,000 who died had no pre-existing medical condition.

All excess deaths for 2020 are actually less than they were in 2008, (remember the plague year of 2008?, no, neither do I) and only 3% higher than they were in 2010. (Source: Institute and Faculty of Actuaries “Mortality Monitor” – which used death rates and adjusted for age and growing population since 2008 and 2010).

If you are a perfectly fit person who happens to have Covid 19 and who is asymptomatic but you aren’t looking where you are going and walk in front of a moving bus one day – which kills you, you will be counted as a Covid death, if you happened to have been tested positive for Covid in the last 28 days.

And if the same person dodges the bus but is walking down the same street (or makes it home without any more bus encounters) and then happens to have a stroke or heart attack, which kills them there and then, or they die a few days later as a result of the stroke or heart attack, they will go down as a “With Covid” death too.

And if the same person who dodged the bus but suffered the heart attack / stroke AND did not even have asymptomatic Covid, but hangs on in hospital, where he /she acquires Covid, but still dies – obviously of the stroke, they will also go down as a Covid fatality.

Thus, the statistics are ludicrous and exaggerated.

And, lest we forget, the average age of death with Covid is is around 82, slightly older even than the average age at death overall. But more about statistics – and how they have been abused by the main stream media, later.

So, as it is the very old and the already very sick who form the vast majority of those who get very ill and die from this – and as their lives matter too – the focus needs to be much better protection for them.

Instead, the UK, in common with many other countries has elected to more or less lock everyone else up – which has led to huge economic costs and massive other health consequences and death for all other people, who are at almost no risk from Covid.

As I write this, the UK is now suffering more extensive loc##downs despite evidence that before past loc##downs, “cases”, even as measured by the dubious PCR test were actually falling in most areas, as shown by Office for National Statistics data.

Evidence from around the world from this and past pandemics is that lockd#wns don’t work. Even the World Health Organisation says so. Yet governments seems to be saying, “If lockd#wns don’t work, that’s because the lockd#wn was not harsh enough”.

The only possible reasons for more and extended loc##downs are that the rubbish test – with its large number of false positive “cases” – means too many hospital staff have been forced to stay at home when there is actually nothing wrong with them and they do NOT have Covid. So it is a resource issue, if it is anything at all. Plus, there is also an insane media hysteria – which I shall come back to later in this article.

(No one can see the purpose of the Nightingale hospitals, which have apparently been mostly turned back from ever being used for Covid patients now. If there was never enough staff to man them, (retired healthcare workers who were happy to come back have been ignored or left to face a wall of bureaucracy), why even build them in the first place? )

The Strange Case of Sweden

Sweden is a bit of a special case. But it is the proof that there is another way.

There has never been much of a loc#down in Sweden. Schools for younger kids, gyms, restaurants, bars and shops were never shut. Face coverings are not mandatory, though they are encouraged on public transport and some other indoor settings. Rather, the state there has simply encouraged people to use their own common sense and intelligent assessment of risks to protect themselves and others.

Sweden, has a population around 11 million, yet with no lo##down (see note#), is on target to have had only 6 to 8 excess deaths a day in 2020 above what they would have in a normal year.

This is all very annoying for the lock#down zealots and their supporters in most of the world’s main stream media. If you look at recent news about Sweden in any search engine you will see an enormous, (indeed suspicious), number of articles critical of their approach. They are the awkward embarrassment that proves the rest of the world has damaged their economies and the health of their citizens far more than was necessary.

For months, ever since Sweden got on top of its care home problem back in May, Sweden has had less deaths with Covid per capita than most other European countries, though this has not stopped most of the main stream media repeatedly reporting how they were suffering “soaring cases”.

The media are not above actually making up lies to strengthen their arguments. In the last few weeks they have said that “Sweden was closing secondary schools” when all they had done was to close schools for over 16s and move them to online learning. So, not “all secondary schools” just “sixth form” or “FE colleges”.

Recently some of the world’s media made a lot of the Swedish King’s criticism of the high death toll in Sweden, implying that he was critical of their light l#ckdown approach compared to other countries. This is also a blatantly misleading. He was actually just empathising with the suffering of his people and the numbers who had died, but was in no way criticising the government and health authorities for their light touch approach.

Also, recently a lot of media posted a fake story about how Sweden was sending patients in ICU care to other Scandinavian states because the Swedish hospitals were overrun. Swedish PM, Stefan Lofven, later categorically said this was false.

As Sweden has had little more excess deaths with Covid since May, the criticisms of the media will always focus on Sweden’s admittedly poor performance early in the “pandemic” when they failed to protect the elderly in care homes. Yet, of course, Sweden was hardly alone in that failing. But unlike the UK government, (who admit to no mistakes), at least the Swedish government admit they dropped the ball on this one, back in the Spring.

Another very common criticism is that the Swedes have done much worse than their neighbours – Finland, Denmark and Norway in terms of total “with Covid” deaths per capita. This is rather a curious argument, when one remembers we are in a global world, where the virus can jump across continents. Why only compare Sweden to their neighbours unless one would consider the Scandinavians as a group to be a sort of uber-super sub-species of human, who are different from other homo sapiens?

“Ah”, say the Covid Zealots, “Whilst the Scandinavians are indeed all homo sapiens, just like the rest of us – with two legs and two eyes, they all behave much the same as other Scandinavians and have the same outlook – and hence, they should only be compared against each other and against no other country, ever”.

Frankly, this argument is nonsense. Having travelled in three out of the four mainland Scandinavian states, I can say that the people in Sweden, Norway and Finland are very different from each other culturally and in terms of many other things too.

Sweden is far more urbanised as measured by the proportion of people who live in big cities than either Finland or Norway. It also has bigger, heavier industries than either Norway and Finland. It exports more – so will be more affected by shut downs elsewhere in the world. It has a lower proportion of people working in tech-led businesses, which means a higher proportion of work cannot be done from home. And the more gregarious Swedes are a mile away culturally from the far more reserved and obedient Finns.

In terms of housing composition and other demographics, there are no real significant differences between Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, though Sweden does have a higher percentage of recent migrants among their citizens.

So, comparing Sweden only with other Scandinavian states is nonsense and a diversion.

The only big difference and the one that matters is that Sweden did not have a harsh lockdown backed by repressive laws, whereas the other Scandinavian states did.

Norway, Finland and Denmark closed large parts of their economies down, leading to rises in unemployment and which, in the end, will result in long term health impacts and they also greatly restricted the rights of their citizens. That is the key difference, the one that matters.

So, does that prove not locking down did not work for Sweden? Their deaths “with Covid” were higher than their neighbours after all.

No, not at all, because the comparison of “with Covid” deaths across states is always shaky ground to tread. Countries have very different methods of recording “cases” – which is driven in large part by how widespread tests are. And how deaths “with Covid” are recorded across different states varies a lot too.

In the final analyses, all that will really matter is the number of excess deaths that each and every country recorded compared to its average of excess deaths in the last five or ten years. This is the only true test.

So, let’s look at Norway, Sweden and the UK, shall we, to show how the Covid deaths can be skewed whilst excess deaths stay the same.

In Norway, they locked down hard and fast. Here, their very old Grannies and the terminally ill in their last months of life, enjoyed their last months of life and then died. As a result of locking down early, less Covid was spreading, so Granny and the terminally ill are likely to be recorded as deaths due to other causes – stroke or cancer or whatever.

In Sweden, where they did not lock down hard and where people more or less carried on with their lives, there might as a result, have been more Covid circulating. Some very old grannies and the terminally ill were therefore more likely to catch Covid and for some, this would have bought the date of death forward a bit, maybe by a few weeks, maybe a month or two. The cause of death is likely to be recorded as a stroke/cancer or whatever, but more likely to also have “with Covid” on the death certificate too.

So, in Sweden, “with Covid deaths” will appear higher than in Norway and perhaps deaths of some of the very sick will have been bought forward by a few weeks, because they kept more of their economy open. But the total excess deaths for the year as a whole will probably end up much the same.

The UK Experience

Now, what about the UK?

Well, here we also locked down – but we made a mess of “test and trace”, apparently spending a bigger budget on test and trace than the entire annual cost of the NHS – all under the direction of hapless and multiply-failed but well connected businesswoman, Dido Harding. We also failed to protect the sick and the old by hospitals panicking and moving untested old people out to care homes and slapping DNR orders on them.

But in the UK, we went a whole, stupid step further.

The UK government embarked on an Orwellian-Goebbels-like policy to scare the population to death as a result of a plan formulated by a “behavioural unit” called SPI-B, reporting to Sage. This scare tactic was ably assisted by most of the UK media, also shamefully placed under the control of the government via Ofcom. More on this later.

On March 22nd, in “Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures”, a paper prepared for Sage by SPI-B, this chilling statement can be found:

“A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently threatened. The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent using hard hitting emotional messages”

And so they did. This sinister, so called “nudge theory” to scare people and shift behaviours worked all too well. In the UK, huge numbers of the population who had hints that all was not well with their own health became too scared to go to get screenings, scans or to see their family doctor. And on top of this, because our NHS is so badly funded, disorganised and poorly led, many routine screenings, scans and even GP appointments were cancelled anyway. For months, the National Health Service effectively became the National Covid Service – it still is, in large part.

Another insane mantra the UK government came up with was “Protect the NHS”. This was supported by nausea-inducing virtue signalling such as public displays of “clapping for the NHS” every Thursday night. North Korea would struggle to do better. I did not join in.

The net result was that many more people, out of a sense of misplaced loyalty to “protect the NHS”, failed to get scans and screenings done. And so, today, we are now facing a tsunami of avoidable cancers, strokes, heart diseases etc – and for many it will now be too late to be treated.

So, in summary, in the UK, we had a triple storm.

First, we had an NHS that in large part stopped treating its customers – the patients – for anything other than Covid. Second, we had a population that were made too scared to go anywhere near a hospital in case they caught Covid, even when they were suffering warning signs that their health was not right. Third, we had the real Class A “useful idiots” who did not get their health checked out due to a bizarre sense that they were “protecting the NHS”.

This “scare agenda” did not seem to happen to the same extent in Sweden, though it is being played out to a lesser extent in many other countries along with the bonkers concept of “protecting their health services”. I’m convinced that these factors will mean the UK and many other countries too will fare far worse in terms of total excess deaths this year than light touch Sweden.

The fact that the scare agenda works can be seen everywhere in the UK. I see people of all ages increasingly even wearing face nappies in the open air, when on their own in the middle of the countryside, when there is no one within a quarter of a mile of them. Goodness knows the damage breathing in their own CO2 is doing to their health in the long term.

Sweden v The Rest of Europe

But, hey, let’s make some more international comparisons.

Another comparison, and one the Covid Zealots hate to do, is to compare Sweden with other countries which did a harsh lockd#wn. If we do this, and if we accept, even for a moment, the shaky argument that “with Covid” deaths can be compared at all, we can see that Sweden actually has less “With-Covid” total deaths per capita so far than 20 countries in Europe – in rough order of size/importance, they are the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Czechia, Switzerland, Belgium, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia. Bosnia, Montenegro, Moldova, North Macedonia, Armenia, San Marino, Lichtenstein and Andorra. (Source: Johns Hopkins University Covid Tracker as at Dec 10th, 2020).

As many other countries are continually recording more deaths “with Covid” than Sweden right now, within the next month I fully expect Sweden to also fall below The Netherlands and Luxembourg too in terms of this grim totaliser of “with Covid” deaths.

Oh dear – all rather inconvenient.

So one can logically ask – what did harsh lock#owns achieve?

Now, I am not against limited restrictions, if there is a real danger of health services being overrun. But, of course, if our UK health services were better organised, (yes, we can stop clapping for NHS bosses because the NHS needs some serious reforms), and better funded too; then these problems would be very limited and the NHS would be far more resilient in the case of a virus which kills only about one in 800 who actually get it.

But I will return to this in my recommendations more fully, later.

The Shutting Down of Debate and Abuse of Statistics by the Main Media in the UK

In the UK, the disgraceful controls placed on the media and a refusal to air and discuss openly other approaches to the “pandemic” knows no bounds.

The shutting down of the Great Barrington Declaration is a good example of this. The declaration was made because many top medics and scientists felt they were not being listened to or given air time – and that there was another way of dealing with the virus.

So they got together and issued a call for a better approach than national lock#owns and issued a statement in a place called Great Barrington in the USA.

Their argument – that it would be far better if the elderly and very sick are more carefully shielded whilst the rest of the population gets on with life as best they could – was dismissed out of hand by the awful UK health secretary, Matt Hancock, who even decided for himself the same week the declaration came out that “T cell immunity” does not even exist. He is now in the business of rewriting medical textbooks on immunology, it seems!

Instead in the UK, policy continues to be directed by Sage – an ironic name if ever there was one. Along with Sage’s behavioural shrinks in SPI-B trying to influence our behaviour (and succeeding), it also has lots of “modelers” too, though relatively few medics and actual real world public health experts are apparently involved in this.

The odious Professor Neil Ferguson is at the centre of all of this often duff modelling. Too thick, (his words), to pursue a career as an astrophysicist after his first degree in that subject, he then turned to the mathematical “modelling” of infectious diseases. Note, he is NOT a medic!

Every single model he has ever published on communicable diseases from cattle to humans has been proved to be utter hogwash by other experts. His modelling of no lockd#wn for the UK predicted 500,000 deaths with Covid. When other scientists took “his code” and applied his no lock#own modelling to Sweden, it predicted 90,000 deaths. They are not at one tenth of that.

Ferguson, despite being caught out for going off and meeting his married mistress for an ahem, liaison – in breach of the very lockd#wn rules he helped formulate – is still advising government in Sage and popping up regularly on the BBC to preach doom and gloom, from the comfort of his safe, well- salaried and adequately pensioned job with Imperial College. Even Dominic Cummings, he of the poor eyesight, had to go in the end, but not Ferguson, who remains in place, rather like a spot that just never seems to go away.

Ferguson is hardly an unbiased figure. Working at Imperial College, he is a benefactor of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – whose pro-vaccine investments are huge along with his control agenda.

And yes, as Ferguson’s scary models always call for more and longer lockd#wn policies, the only salvation and way out starts to look more and more like vaccines – in which, of course Mr Gates and hence, by implication, Mr. Ferguson too and many others on Sage, are heavily and personally invested. And yet, oddly, our pathetic media never seem brave enough to call out this clear conflict of interest in which all roads lead to vaccines.

Other public health experts and medics, including the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration and its tens of thousands of medical and public health signatories are excluded from Sage and forced to look on from the side lines as no real debate is allowed under the “emergency” on UK national TV or radio (with the exception perhaps of TalkRadio and the Daily Telegraph, which does give a voice to the many experts shut out from expressing an opinion elsewhere).

In effect, we are living in a sort of police state with the government controlling the media who, in turn, control the panic message that goes out to the public. Most of the public believe the panic guff and call for more “lock#down” – and so it goes on.

Even long time journalists like Allison Pearson and Peter Hitchens have found themselves switched off from social media from time to time, for having “wrong views” and presumably “spreading misinformation”. The same has happened to Carl Heneghan, Sunetra Gupta and David Yeadon, all highly respected scientists.

In this vacuum, street protests have emerged but have been viciously put down. I have witnessed, first hand, a peaceful protest against lockd#wn in London being violently attacked by riot police. I have also witnessed, again first hand, how a journalist from the BBC photoshopped-in a huge QAnon flag on a photo of a protest meeting at London’s Trafalgar Square in September. There was no such huge flag there. I know because I am in the photo right next to the person supposing holding this 30 foot flag.

Yes, this was done by the lovely Auntie Beeb, I guess, purely to try to discredit the whole event as being controlled and populated by nutcases. And even more ironically, the journalist who did it works in a BBC department that is supposed to cover “misinformation and conspiracies”.

Meanwhile a blitz of posters, bill boards, adverts and messages in high streets, shops and public transport exhorts us constantly to “do the right thing” or risk being shamed. There are real echoes of the Orwell book, “1984”. One day, I almost expect to hear a message in a shop to tell me to be thankful for Big Brother Boris.

Yet there is nothing in these messages about trying to get fit and healthy and lose weight, even though this is the main thing everyone could do to avoid a negative outcome from Covid. What a lost opportunity as obesity is the main driver to getting sick or even dying with Covid! But no one can be surprised as there is no money in a fit, healthy, slim population for “Big Pharma” , which so controls government policy.

So, no surprise there. We know Big Pharma puts pressure on governments in the field of mental health too in order to push anti-depressants, which actually costs the state more in the end and are less effective than “talking therapies”. There is big money for them in a nation where 10 per cent are wolfing down Prozac and Diazepam, there is nothing for them in cognitive behaviour (talking) therapies.

More Duff Statistics

And then there are the loopy statistics churned out by the government controlled media.

So, every day on the TV and radio there is a doleful, sombre Covid death count. Always a big, scary number, but one which is never put into any kind of perspective – a cardinal sin when presenting information. No context is given by telling the public how many people would have died that day anyway of all causes or how many would die of other well known ailments. (100 people die every day due to air pollution impacts, for example). There are rarely any comparisons made to deaths in other years at the same time of year nor to hospitalisations or ICU utilization in a normal year.

Rarely were we reminded that the vast majority of people who died, did not die “of Covid” but “with Covid”. The vast majority were very old and/ or very sick with serious life limiting conditions and at the end of their life. Average ages at death are not revealed nor are the public given reminders of the fatality rate.

Sometimes, in a further attempt to scare the people, we would hear stories of someone who was fairly young and very fit, but “got Covid” and died. Often times, digging into the story it emerges they had, in reality, got ill very quickly – perhaps of a stroke – then acquired Covid, usually in a hospital. Their death was due to the stroke, exacerbated by Covid. Rarely were they really killed “by Covid” alone.

In fact, as I said above, we know from government ONS statistics that less than 400 under 60s with no pre-existing conditions have died with Covid so far in English hospitals. That is a tiny amount out of a English population of over 50 million.

And of course, as the saying goes – stuff happens. Every lost life is a tragedy and there is a real person and grieving friends and relatives behind each death statistic.

Sadly, every day, young, otherwise fit people do die of stuff – often unexpectedly. It is a tragedy. But accepting the risk of death is something we seem suddenly unable to accept. Every year, some young people die from complications arising from the common flu. As the Pythons said, “Life’s a piece of shit, when you look at it”. Life can be awful. But the point is – deaths of the young directly caused by Covid are rare, very, very rare indeed.

But the media, driven by the psycho “nudge unit” within Sage has made the most of these tragedies to drive fear among the general population, including most shamefully, the young.

And have they been successful? Oh yes. In one survey, (by Kest CNC in August), it was revealed that 29% of people in the UK thought that the death rate if you got Covid “was between 6% and 10%”. Just to remind, the fatality rate is 0.12 per cent or about 1 in every 800 people who get infected.

Oh and then there is “Long Covid”. This is much talked about, but few statistics seem to be available thus far. But it fits nicely into the scare narrative, along with “New Improved UK Mutant Covid”, all the more nonsense for the government and the controlled main stream media to promote.

Where to start with this Long Covid nonsense? Lots of people, every year suffer long term complications, sometimes serious ones, from things like common colds and flu. Five years ago, I got an ordinary cold. This led to asthma, which I had never had before, but now have for life. “Long Cold”, I guess you could call it. The common cold is one of the triggers for adult onset asthma. And no, I had never heard about it either until it happened to me.

Sure it is a pain for me as I now have to use an inhaler for around 6 months of the year now, every year from November to April, because every cold I get, (and I get a lot), kicks off the asthma. Oh, and another consequence is that I have almost entirely lost my sense of smell. Sound familiar? Not life limiting I hope – or not too much, but yes, a pain!

Still in the media there is the even bigger, scarier number – the “cases” figure or sometimes referred to as the number of people “infected”.

The main test for Covid being used today was never designed to say whether a person is currently “infected” or not, let alone whether there was enough there to infect anybody else. All the test can do is suggest the possible presence of the virus, if indeed a virus is what it is even picking up.

Without further investigation, no doctor would ever say the patient was “infected”, yet the media continue to report positive tests as “infections or “cases””. And I have mentioned above, the high rate of false positives in these crap tests, which results in nurses being sent home and causing whole schools to be shut down. For a long time, the media was happily reporting the bald absolute increase in “cases” of positive tests, (caused of course by more tests being done) not the number of positive tests per thousand tested.

All these numbers, these misleading statistics have been talked up by the government and the media to further scare people. This is completely wrong in a supposedly, free democratic society, as is the closing down of debate and the non-platforming of scientists and medics who disagree with the whole loc#down approach.

We are starting to look ever more like the Peoples Republic of China than a democratic country. Perhaps that is the idea? More on this later.

New Zealand and The Far East

So, what other models are there for dealing with this pandemic?

Let’s have a look at some other places, as some folks I know have an interest in other places that are further afield as supposed lessons in “how to do Covid right”.

And let’s start in the Far East. Many point to the success of places like China, Singapore and Vietnam as to how to do things.

I disagree for two reasons.

First, it is possible that in the Far East there may have been a certain immunity conferred by Sars, which has similar characteristics to Covid. But the jury is still out on this.

Second, and far more importantly for anyone who cares about human rights, in the Far East, they seem to have achieved some success by a very harsh approach to their own populations. Here, there is a greater degree of surveillance via tracker apps, QAccess codes, by constant temperature checks, forced testing and stay at home orders, much of it imposed on the population by laws backed by severe punishments for transgressors.

The sad thing is that many in the UK would like to see that tougher kind of approach here. One person who is on the record as saying we should be more like China is Neil Ferguson. Advocates of the Far Eastern way of doing things would no doubt also like to see refusal to be vaccinated, to be punished by loss or rights to travel, work, go to school or use the NHS. Some Covid Nazis would like to see refusal to carry a tracker app, refusal to be tested and / or to be vaccinated to lead to imprisonment too. All this for a disease that kills one in 800 who get infected!

It is my opinion that the only place for people, like Neil Ferguson, with such views is a time capsule set to a one way trip to 1930s Germany or the Soviet Union or to Kampuchea in the mid 1970s or China today. If you think this too, you really need to join him there, but please read on!

And what of New Zealand?

Well, down under in New Zealand, under the Woke Nightmare that is Jacinda Ardern’s government, they have done a sort of “Eyam Plague Village” but for the whole country. They have effectively shut themselves off from the rest of the world.

It is very hard to even get to New Zealand right now. Flights are being severely rationed. New Zealanders trapped abroad have had to wait months to get home, causing real misery for families who have been separated. New Zealanders who do risk leaving will not know how long it will be before they can even get back.

Unless they travel to the nearby Cook Islands, (the only place deemed safe by Ardern’s government), assuming they can get a flight home, they will then have to spend two weeks in a prison-hotel which they will have to pay for, before they are let out. Doesn’t sound too great to me.

And what exactly is “the out door” for this New Zealand zero-Covid experiment?

After all, experience from around the globe is that you can hide from this virus for a short term, but you cannot hide forever. Well, the reality is, there is only way out for a population that has hidden themselves away. I predict Ms Ardern will almost certainly move to vaccinate the whole population, with severe penalties for refuseniks. This is a gross violation of rights, the stuff of a horror show. But I’m sure the many Covid Nazis will applaud it.

Recap and Review

So, let’s see recap and drop in another personal note.

As of Christmas 2020, a total of just 377 people under age 60 in England’s hospitals who had no underlying conditions have died “With Covid” on the death certificate.

At the same time, we have failed to protect and shield the very old and those with serious underlying conditions – the ones really at risk from this. By failing to protect them, we have failed to give these very, very old and very, very sick people a few precious extra weeks or months of life.

And due to the lock#own everyone approach adopted instead, we have done untold damage to the whole country and destroyed the rest of the nation’s physical and mental health in so many ways

My parents are still alive at 89 and 94. They don’t want is to destroy our society like this. My Mum in law is in a home with advanced dementia. She is still living well despite having had compromised immunity, due to having her spleen removed, for over 30 years, yes 30 years!, In that time she lived a normal life and travelled to Australia ten times with her husband every winter. She would not want our society destroyed like this either.

I say this because there are those who accuse people who question the insanity of all this of being heartless Granny Killers.

I hope I have shown that this is an insane and insulting notion. The only people being killed here are the Mums, Dads and kids in the prime of life, whose whole life chances and health has been ruined by this insane focus on Covid.

So what should we do?

We should protect the old as best we can and better than we have – and the rest of us get on with life. Restrictions should be very limited and only applied where the health service looks like it cannot cope.

There is no reason why we should not adapt the Swedish approach in which personal responsibility is they key with social distancing encouraged. There should be limited use of face mas#s . Life should go on as normal for those who are not at risk, as per the Great Barrington proposal. All punitive laws should be scrapped immediately and replaced by guidance. Citizens full rights, including the right to meet with whom they like and to protest must be restored. Making testing and m#sk wearing mandatory, as a condition of travel, shopping or whatever should be scrapped.

We should be wary of Covid, it is not to be messed with, but it is not that frightening – a fact that people would realise if the government and media stopped lying and started to give the people the full and real facts and then trusted the people to make their own judgement for their own good and for the good of Granny and the very sick.

And let’s nail something else. This is not “the economy” vs “with Covid deaths”. This is with Covid deaths of Granny vs the deaths of Mum, Dad and kids. By the actions this and other governments have taken, whilst some have been given a little longer of their lives, many other younger lives have been taken due to the closing down of health services and the long term impact that reduced income and unemployment has on mental and physical health and its links to early death.

To me, the whole approach adopted by our government and those around the world looks so insane, that it all starts to seem almost suspicious.

If you just “follow the money”, you can see that Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Online Traders and Big Media have all done very well out of this.

Hopefully that is all this Covid business is – a big power grab by the above groups.

But is that really all that is going on here? I am now not so sure.

The moves by most government’s to control the media and the way the media has told lies or inflated or hidden statistics about the real scale of this “pandemic” makes me nervous. The way Sweden – an outlier, a denier – has been hounded and lied about is also decidedly odd, which is why I have discussed it a lot in this article.

I worry about the way that real, free debate about other approaches has been shut down. The brutality of the police in dealing with dissent has been very scary.

If you look further still and want to risk being really worried at what might be coming down the track in terms of loss of your liberties for this “supposed pandemic”, you might want to look at the objectives of bodies like the World Economic Forum (WEF), who meet in Davos every year, especially some of the utterings of their lunatic CEO, Klaus Schwab. Also, look at the Trilateral Commission, Common Purpose, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bilderberg Group.

Have a good look – especially at the WEF. Most people would have heard of the Davos meet-up. A lot of what they want is published online. Some of it is hidden away. But it is worth having a look at what they say and what has been said about them and what their “New World Order – Built Back Better”really looks like. It is pretty scary stuff. (See links in the notes below).

It is always worth seeking out alternative views of what is happening. Certainly, be wary of only watching and hearing the mainstream TV and radio news or just reading the likes of The Guardian, (biggest benefactor – the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), papers in the Murdoch group (includes The Times) or the Reach groups of newspapers (which includes the Daily Mirror) or their websites.

Final Word – a Plea and Some Questions

So I ask people to stop and think.

I ask people to look at the real casualty figures, This is all posted on the government Office for National Statistics website – I’m not asking you to look up something David Icke has published! The casualty figures are still tiny.

Whatever is causing people to be sick is a concern – and yes, getting Covid is not nice for some people – but to even call this a pandemic given the very low excess death rate and it’s prevalence almost entirely among the very old and very sick, is, in my view, pretty ludicrous.

So I put out a challenge to Covid and Lockdown Zealots to stop and reflect on the real casualty figures – and what has been done, what liberties have been lost and the health care implications for our nation. PLEASE STOP AND THINK WHILST THINKING IS STILL ALLOWED.

And then, when they have done that, when they have really stopped and had a think, to ask themselves whether they can truly say that the measures have been worth it.

So I can then ask them, WHAT IS THEIR LINE? WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE TO THEM? Are they OK with all the things listed below or just some of them?

Are they OK with the TV and radio being controlled by the state, via Ofcom? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK with the use of statutory instruments rather than proper parliamentary scrutiny becoming commonplace thereby undermining the electorate’s ability to hold their MPs to account. Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK with only selected statistics being presented by the media with no context at all? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK when the media lies to them? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK with being manipulated by a “nudge unit” to alter behaviour? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK with the police beating up peaceful protesters? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK with police flying drones over moorland to shame lone walkers, then posting it on Twitter? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK with children playing in front gardens being told to go inside by police? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK with the authorities locking up public parks? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK with lone sunbathers in parks being fined and told to go home? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK with roadblocks on roads and the police asking people where they are going? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK with the huge debt being racked up? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK with schools being closed and education disrupted with the huge effect that has, especially on poorer children? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK that debate and the views of other scientists and medics on how to deal with Covid is being shut down? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK that a husband cannot share going to see the first scan of his baby with his wife? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK with old people in care homes being locked away, sadly and on their own with no loved ones to visit them, in the last years or months of their life, making their last weeks hell? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK with the numbers of people being allowed at funerals being limited? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK with the huge numbers dying as a result of cancelled screenings, scans and operations? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK with the massive mental health issues that have been caused and the big rise in suicides? Is that acceptable for them?

Are they OK that people cannot visit dying friends or relatives in hospital in their last days or hours? Is that acceptable for them?

Have they read what the WEF want for the new world? Is that acceptable for them?

It really is time people woke up.

They can think for themselves. They do not need Matt Hancock to tell them what they can and cannot do. They can instead do what they know is right to limit the spread of infections. They do not need a whole lot of laws in place to help them do the right thing. They can think for themselves. They can be presented with accurate statistics and suggested restrictions and make their own minds up. They can do their own reading, they can stop being lied to.

If freedoms are not given back, the only solution is to take to the streets and to also actively resist this takeover of rights. I urge people to get involved and to say to the likes of Neil Ferguson, “No, this is not China. We can think for ourselves. We do not wish to be forced to be tracked, traced and tested unless that is our choice made of our own free will and not because to refuse these things would mean a loss of our rights”.

At the start of this year I said that people who were not vaccinated would lose rights to travel, attend school, go to work or to access health care. I was laughed at for being a conspiracy lunatic. As I write this, there are already proposals from the French state for restricting access to public transport for the non-vaccinated. Expect more of this.

“Quarantining the sick is good public health. Quarantining the well is tyranny. Not knowing the difference is stupidity”.

Finally, there are some words which were spoken by Benjamin Franklin (ed.): “He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security. He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both”.


#NOTE 1: I refuse to use what George Orwell called “Newspeak” words, so words like Loc####n, Circ##t Brea##r and N#w Nor##l and Shie#ding will never be written in full in my blog posts nor in my spoken words.

#NOTE 2 (STOP PRESS): Probably the most comprehensive study of l#ckdowns and m#sks, using government and scientific data from around the world, showed that neither work and was published Jan 4th 2021 by Ivor Cummins: (48) Crucial Viral Update Jan 4th – Europe and USA – Covers it ALL – YouTube

#NOTE 3: To really understand things that are going on and where they are headed if the WEF and Davos crew have their way, please do read this excellent, long review of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. It really is quite chilling: Klaus Schwab and his great fascist reset | winter oak. Also, see this video: ‎The Delingpod: The James Delingpole Podcast: Patrick M Wood on Apple Podcasts

#NOTE 4: Lockd#wns do not work: A round up of studies on this: The Real Science of Covid – Lockdown Sceptics

#NOTE 5: The Guardian’s philanthropic links to Bill & Melinda Gates and others: Philanthropic partnerships at the Guardian | Information | The Guardian

Finally, please be aware that the government is taking down posts like this and also whole websites, which have dared to critique the official narrative. You may want to print a copy or copy and paste this to another place.

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  • David thank you for taking the time to write those 7000 words. They are a beacon of logical thinking and sense in this maelstrom of media manipulation and government misinformation. Where this will end we do not know but it is starting to take on a sinister dimension out of all proportion to any threat posed by this virus.

    • Hi Peter,

      I remember you from our seminars – thanks for replying.
      Given my views on this I’m very unlikely to get quoted about property in the newspapers any more, but it is nice to get good feedback like this.
      The situation, I fear, is very grave, but most people are totally blind to what is really going on.
      I suggest people stop watching MSM news, such as the BBC, ITV and Sky and look into the activities of the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab and then also acquaint themselves with ONS stats on excess death rates (v small relative to previous years), numbers who have died WITH covid under 60 who had no serious underlying conditions (under 400 out of 68 million people in UK) and percentage of those who have died With Covid who were in last months of life.

  • Thank you David. An excellent summary and very timely given the current insanity. Am sharing on a selective basis as so many appear resistant to anything other than the official narrative which is bizarre


    David, a good article but on my word count it is closer to 8000 words; so any response is weighted by this, and may not do you justice.

    Firstly, a virus does not have to be deadly to be classified as a pandemic. The definition of a pandemic is not the number of deaths it produces… but the number of persons infected globally.

    Somewhat like the Trump pandemic in the USA. That one being truly deadly.

    Also, whilst I’m not exactly pro the wearing of a face mask, or for lockdowns entirely, your constant defining of these as “nappies” does you a complete disservice. And shows which camp you’re in. You lay out a stall with this as a prejudicial marker to what then follows.

    I couldn’t find any ’30-foot” photo-shopped image of a flag with you next to it, but, surely, it is not unusual to have all kinds of placards, this being one of many banners in any large gathering. Perhaps you simply didn’t notice it.

    On Neil Ferguson you state:

    “Every single model he has ever published on communicable diseases from cattle to humans has been proved to be utter hogwash by other experts. His modelling of no lockd#wn for the UK predicted 500,000 deaths with Covid. When other scientists took “his code” and applied his no lock#own modelling to Sweden, it predicted 90,000 deaths. They are not at one tenth of that.”

    True… but since the intitial (first) lockdown took place this did exactly what Ferguson wrote on the tin… reduced the rate of deaths that would have been much higher had we not locked down. Rightly or wrongly, you should judge him with this balancing factor in mind.

    By the way, I don’t understand why you place that hash symbol inside every mention of lockdown, am I missing something?

    You added:

    “(No one can see the purpose of the Nightingale hospitals, which have apparently been mostly turned back from ever being used for Covid patients now. If there was never enough staff to man them, (retired healthcare workers who were happy to come back have been ignored or left to face a wall of bureaucracy), why even build them in the first place? )”

    The Nightingales were created for the what “what if” scenario, but in a nation that has stripped its NHS bare. The fact that you do not acknowledge the “what if” weakens your correct argument that the staff itself has been decimated. It shows the complete bias by which you (and many others) approach the whole lockdown issue and the creation of these hospitals meant to take up the slack should we not have locked down. Yes, you are right that they have not got enough people to stock these dying rooms… but it is and was only a what if IF we didn’t lockdown.

    The strange case of Sweden isn’t at all strange in my opinion. And for the following reasons:

    1. Swedes have a population (10.23M) to London’s (9.3M); but over a vastly widespread landmass.
    2. Swedes are more compliant with authority (see their drink laws: not too little not too much)
    3. are not “touchy feely”
    4. are softly and humbly spoken (and do not scream or shout as a rule), and, more importantly
    5. they socially self-distance, in a notable respect for others that one is hard pressed to find in London.

    So, with that in mind, let’s compare the figures between a country and a Metropolis.

    The last figures I sampled London had 9,795 deaths where C19 was (said to be) a contributory (or sole) factor.. Similarly, the death rate is now expanding in Sweden and is 9,433. Isn’t that interesting?

    So, a greater geographical size than London, operated without lockdown, but with a death figure that matches London’s.

    Why isn’t anyone, yourself included, making this comparison? If Sweden, with a population size 1 million more than London, has just 362 fewer deaths. then there is something not quite right about the claim that lockdowns don’t work when compared to that of Sweden. Had Sweden locked down, it would have had fewer deaths when compared to London, surely.

    I’m no mathematician or epidemiologist, but I think on this one comparative size matters. And not the dissing of nappies.

    I remain, as always, your number one fan, on many things – I’m just not so certain on this one.

    Well done though for entering the debate with so many brave views.

    • Thanks for your excellent and well thought out response.

      I accept your point that my definition of face coverings as “nappies” may annoy and set me out as prejudicial, so I have amended this.

      Re the ’30-foot” photo-shopped image of a flag with me next to it, there is really no way that it could have been there. I am in the photo where it appears and was looking around often to try to find a friend. It was definitely NOT there. I could not have missed such a thing. Video of the whole 3 hours of the event also shows it was never there too. This was a disgraceful attempt by someone at the BBC, (who ironically works for a disinformation and anti-conspiracy department), to smear the whole protest. OK, it did not get published by the actual BBC, but it was still on this guy’s Twitter feed, only 2 months ago, despite me contacting him to claim it was false. He did not reply.

      I have to take issue with your comment, “but since the initial (first) lockdown took place this did exactly what Ferguson wrote on the tin… reduced the rate of deaths that would have been much higher had we not locked down. Rightly or wrongly, you should judge him with this balancing factor in mind.”

      This seems to equate Mr. Ferguson with an imaginary doctor who you go to see about a rash that is causing an itch on your leg, so he cuts the leg off at the top of the thigh to fix the problem.

      I think this says it all. It seems he can never be proved wrong by events. Heads we wins, tails we all lose!

      The reason for the hashtag symbol inside every mention of words like “lockd#wn” is explained in the footnote at the end. (I do it because I refuse to use certain words. (See George Orwell’s “1984” and Newspeak words)). Hope you read that far! I appreciate it was a long piece, but there is much to say to counter all the lunatic arguments I have heard made by people who would like to take away all our rights my grandfather fought for in the war and who like to control the media narrative.

      Your comment, “The Nightingales were created for the “what if” scenario, but in a nation that has stripped its NHS bare. The fact that you do not acknowledge the “what if” weakens your correct argument that the staff itself has been decimated. It shows the complete bias by which you (and many others) approach the whole lockdown issue and the creation of these hospitals meant to take up the slack should we not have locked down. Yes, you are right that they have not got enough people to stock these dying rooms… but it is and was only a what if IF we didn’t lockdown”.

      My response to this is made in the piece, that by lock#ng down we have created, instead, an awful other “what if” scenario that has already killed Mum, Dad and Kids through the impact of low income, unemployment and closed much of the NHS/ frightened / coerced people into not seeking scans and other preventative work, thus feeding into cancer, heart, stroke and suicide deaths. We just replaced “killing Granny” with “killing Mum, Dad and Kids”.

      And it is pointless to build a hospital if one cannot staff it. Of course, we now hear that retired doctors and nurses who wanted to come back have been turned away and there has been no attempt to bring in student nurses and medical students in their final years of study either.

      This seems odd over the summer, when things were relatively quiet, that no preparations were made to get this human resource on board. What they heck were the NHS management doing? Their failure to plan ahead and bring this resource in (which could have staffed the Nightingales) means that lockd#own must continue, killing more Mums, Dads and Kids.

      Re Sweden, I don’t agree that they are that different to us. I do find the Norwegians and Finns very different to us and more like you described, not the Swedes. But we may have to just disagree on that one. I accept, that you also have quite a lot of knowledge of Sweden too.

      The only comparison that can be made, as I said in the piece, will be the excess deaths rates between Sweden and countries that locked down. This can best be done at the end of 2021 when the impact on cancer, heart, stroke etc. will have translated into extra excess deaths, but a comparison now may give some pointers. Sweden’s figures are out soon.

      The fact that I must repeat again is that lock#ng down in itself causes huge numbers of other excess deaths among middle and younger people. It is not just about Mr. Ferguson cutting off your leg, which is bad enough, but taking people’s lives too.

      Since you read this, I added in the footnote links to Ivor Cummins’s piece and to a piece by LockDown Sceptics which presents a mass of evidence from around the world that wearing face coverings and the use of lockdowns has no impact on death rates at all and much evidence to prove that these measures actually increase deaths, both of Covid and other things

      Thank you for entering the debate.

  • David, this is best saved for a discussion over a pint when the thought police have finally disbanded. (If that ever finally comes to fruition.)

    However… I feel i have to stop you having a go at Neil, when you respond:

    “This seems to equate Mr. Ferguson with an imaginary doctor who you go to see about a rash that is causing an itch on your leg, so he cuts the leg off at the top of the thigh to fix the problem. I think this says it all. It seems he can never be proved wrong. Heads we wins, tails we all lose!”

    This is a reduction to absurdity. Why employ imaginary doctors? A real doctor had been saying to a friend of mine for decades, “You need to stop smoking!” My friend never listened.

    Until that is the same real doctor said, “Forget it, it’s too late!”

    Y’see the doctor saw the rash on my friend’s lungs. He didn’t cut his lungs out, that’s daft, a reduction tot he absurd. He simply offered advice, which my friend refused.

    Until that is he was told it was “too late”. Ironically, only then did he stop smoking. He had developed emphysema. Would my friend have blamed the doctor that he didn’t develop emphysema – if he stopped smoking sooner? Should he rightly have blamed the doctor for forcing him to quit smoking because the doctor had said you need to breath air rather than smoke and nicotine?

    No. My friend stopped buying fags and socially distanced from all smokers. Too late… had he followed the advice he might still both have his lung and be alive. There was no need to remove his leg.

    “Re Sweden, I don’t agree that they are that different to us. I do find the Norwegians and Finns very different to us and more like you described. But we may have to just disagree on that one. I accept, that you also have quite a lot of knowledge of Sweden too.”

    Whilst I agree with much of what you have to say, perhaps not so much in the way you say it, I’ve been hard-pressed, in my span on this lump of rock, to even meet people within my own country who are not culturally different in some way.

    So too on other lumps of rock with seas between them. These bring their own cultural differences to the fore; Swedes, French, Germans, Italians – and especially our American cousins at present!

    The Swedes are simply (in my observations) more self-controlled in their behaviour; no doubt in my mind. Whether that relates to the same stubborn fighting spirit that emerged in WW2 in this country (thankfully and where is it now?) I don’t know. But on that subject I record a contact I had today with the other side of the COVID-19 coin… and due to which I was publicly criminalised.

    I was waiting in line at the post office for my turn to go inside. Suddenly this woman walks in in front of the queue. The man in front of me quickly dashes after her. I followed and complained to the woman behind the desk. She informed me that that woman was making a purchase that was not postal, so she could walk in and get served before us. Fine with that? If the place had enough space, which it doesn’t, and you knew this, which you don’t.

    However, on the other hand, she loudly rounded on me claiming I should remain two meters from the person in front of me! The guy in front had his back to me and was wearing a mask! I was wearing a mask! I was 2 metres distance from the guy! However, since we are now in the age of “othering”, hearing this, the woman in the other aisle, the one who pushed in, then loudly claimed: “We’re in this mess because of people like you!” She repeated this often and I was not in mood to back down and served her with some choice words.

    Amazing how things can be made to escalate in such times and how the criminilising of an individual can lead to the very behaviour complained about. Ironic too that the post office was operating a system that was enforced flawed as far as its following of the Covid rules allowed.

    The irony was that this woman was “closer” to all incoming and outgoing customers than I was. One of whom wasn’t even wearing a mask! He later argued with me outside that he had dispensation due to health! (Does no one see the ironic stupidity?)

    Needless to say, having dutifully donned the mask, kept the distance, done what Simple Whitty says, I was furious at being criminalised and othered. That’s the sad state of affairs in this country, even when you follow what Simple Simon says.

    What next, ducking stools, checking for Reds under the beds? Where oh where will the madness end?

    • Thanks again.

      Your post office experience illustrates the stress this lock#own is placing on people – as well as the divisions. And this stress for people creates bad mental and physical health outcomes – in fact I saw a piece earlier today linking depression and anxiety directly caused by lock#owns,(depression and anxieties which had not previously there before in these patients), leading to worse With-Covid outcomes.

      I do think my Ferguson analogy is valid. There is an itch, which could have been treated without resort to lock#own, (though this would need a properly funded and better organised NHS to be available in the first place). Assuming that was in place, the lock#own policies adopted – the ruination of other aspects of health, the massive debt, the unemployment and destroyed businesses etc. – that I described fully on my piece – is surely analogous to someone cutting off a patient’s leg when it could surely have been avoided, by just treating the itch with some ointment.

      As you say, let’s leave any more chat for the pub, for the good of mine and your mental and physical

      PS. Since you wrote, Sweden has now reported ALL Excess DEATHS for 2020 at just 3% above average of last 8 years (and that is before accounting for the rise in population over that time frame). Yet the media continues to smear Sweden along with the Great Barrington Declaration.

      To me it all seems so strange, it becomes very suspicious. A rational person would think a free media would use Sweden’s experience to argue that the Sweden approach was the correct one and our approach and that of most of the ROW was wrong!

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