MORE covid cult TRUTH….AND SOME nonsense

The Covid Cult ought to be starting to unwind, except for the fact that the main stream media tend to not report on where the cult of the ID and Surveillance System (which they call Health Passports) is losing ground, usually because of the increasing evidence that the Covid “vaccines” are not working as expected.

Why so many main stream media are not reporting this is of course another question.

But last month, The Times , somewhat unusually, actually reported on some interesting developments from Israel.

The article from The Times and one from Spiked On Line are linked to here. (The Times one may be behind a paywall, but the Spiked article says more or less the same thing).

Here they are:

Spiked Online:

The Times:

The Spiked article says – “A  study of over 40,000 people in Israel recently found that natural immunity offers far greater protection against infection with the Delta variant than having two doses of the vaccine. In fact, people who had two doses of the Pfizer jab were 13 times more likely to have a ‘breakthrough’ Delta infection than unvaccinated people who had been infected by Covid. Prior immunity also protects people more effectively against serious illness and hospitalisation. In short, ‘natural immunity confers longer-lasting and stronger protection’ against Delta than vaccination, as the researchers behind the study put it. If vaccine passports ignore natural immunity, that means that nightclubs and other large venues could be forced to turn away people who are actually better protected against Covid than many of those who are let in”.

Well, the obvious corollary of this is: If the jabbed are likely to get re-infected more, they may well be more likely to spread it to others and so represent a greater danger to others. This suggests that perhaps it is the unvaccinated who should be the ones having the passports, to keep us safe.

Anyone can work out their personal chance of being hospitalised or dying with Covid 19.

Personally, my chance of not having a Covid 19 “vaccine” and getting Covid and surviving it at my age (and because I have no underlying conditions) are roughly 24,999 out of 25,000. And on top of that a very good prospect of long term natural immunity, which is almost certainly much better than afforded by the “vaccines”, as this article explains.

Also, the possibility of reinfection is much lower going forward, therefore I would be much less likely to pass anything on than the “unvaccinated” will. So, this leads to protecting others more in the long run.

No need for endless boosters either.

Sure, the “Covid” that I get may well be worse, but I can live with that.

As to so called, “Long Covid”, I have still yet to see any reliable research on this being any more significant than other post viral experiences from other pathogens. And I have looked very hard for this information.

But this whole thing is not really about public health anyway, as a quick look at the extent of what is in these “passes” indicates. There is even one field being reserved for  “being suspected of crimes”. Not actually committing a crime, though that is there too, but just being suspected of one.

If one adds on World Economic Forum’s founder, Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset ideas and then checks who funds all major science institutions concerned with vaccines and who funds and/ or owns large chunks of the media, the dots then begin to join.

A look at where we have been in the last 19 months is instructive too. We now know from real world experience across the globe, (not in Neil Ferguson’s always wrong models), that there is no correlation at all between lockdown severity and / or mask wearing and excess deaths.

Increasingly, now we can also see that countries with low vaccination take up – places like Romania and Bulgaria seem to be faring no worse than other highly “vaccinated” places in Europe on current deaths with Covid. The same applies for States in the United States with low “vaccination” take up.

Anyone can quickly establish these facts with a few mouse clicks, but this is clearly beyond the wit or desire of most main stream media, presumably under the control of those who want a New World Order.

I have opposed masks, lockdowns, not fit for purpose tests and now these vaccines for not-at-risk people, as I do not want to participate in a ID surveillance and control state in any way. And that is what this is. “Covid” is being used as an excuse to bring a Chinese style surveillance state into being.

I want no part of this.

So, just look at the evidence, follow the money and join the dots. I know this is a hard thing to do for people who have always trusted the state to be more or less “benign”.

Some Covid Cult Nonsense

To illustrate the nonsense reporting on Covid, here is a good, laughable and fairly typical article looking at the same Israeli study, showing how the story above is twisted – and how the disinformation, lies and propaganda the public are being subjected to on a daily basis.

The article says: “In fact, the benefit of vaccination is not even addressed in the study since unvaccinated people without prior infection (my emboldening) were not included for comparison.”

So what?

They did not do an analysis of stupidity levels among the population either.

What’s the author’s point?

They also say: “The low rate of COVID-related hospitalisations among vaccinated participants (eight out of 16,000) would probably (my emboldening) be strikingly lower than among non-vaccinated people without prior infection, but this group was not included in the analyses.”

“Probably” hey?

Would the article care to tell us what the actual death rate and hospitalisation rate “with Covid” is for the non- quackcinated?

Er, no.

Well, shall I help the authors, then.

The most reliable study for WHO (by Professor Jon Ioannidis – see link below) puts the death rate at roughly one in 2,000 overall, obviously far less for younger and non-sick people. Eight out of 16,000 for the vaccinated as per the article is one in 2,000 – exactly the same!

As I said, this sort of stuff is tough to take in, if you, like me, always thought your government had your best interests at heart and were not being controlled by sinister forces above them.

The best advice I can give you is to turn of the main stream news, especially Radio and TV and do some independent research of your own. The Daily Sceptic, The Delingpole podcast and The Conservative Woman sites are good places to start.

Probably the best and most recent article is a piece by Julius Ruechel. It is long but can be easily broken into 14 chunks (each about 5 mins to read on average). It is very readable and goes into a lot of detail.

Along the way, it explains why “vaccinating” on a mass scale will likely lead to more severe versions of Covid than would otherwise occur, leading to major problems for both the “vaccinated” and the not “vaccinated” alike. It covers just about everything, including the futility of lock downs, why Sars Cov1 (where test and track could work) was so different from Cov2 (where test and trace could never have a hope of working) and why mass vaccination for a respiratory illness is so different from vaccinating for most other illnesses – and is ultimately doomed to fail.

Fans of the Covid “vaccines” might want to start by reading the introduction and then go to the item on “Leaky Vaccines” – the eighth link – and finally go back to the start and read one section at a time. The only thing it does not cover in depth is the economic carnage caused by these so called “lockdowns”. An enlightening read, which I implore people to read in full. Here it is:

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