How the Centre and Left Became Cheerleaders for Huge Global Corporations in the Media, Tech and Pharma and How this was Planned All Along as Part of The Great Reset

In this article, I examine how it was that many people who would identify themselves as “centre left” ended up being supporters and cheerleaders for huge global corporations controlling the media as well as technology and pharmaceutical products. I also look at the strange phenomenon of the disappearing “centre” and “centre right” and how people who are “not left” automatically get categorised as “far right” or “extreme right”.

There have been some very good articles published recently in non-controlled independent websites about the “left wing” and what happened to them under the recent series of hobgoblins from Covid through to “Climateaggeddon” to Ukraine.

Many of these articles look at the strange way that political parties on the supposed “right” are always labelled “far right” by most news channels in the mainstream media, even though the things they stand for would seem to most of us, to be very centrist. Meanwhile, the “far left” as a “thing”, as a whole construct in fact appears to have died somewhat. People who are “not on the left” are all apparently “far right” – or so it seems.

So, to stand for the family is to be “far right”.

So, to say that only women can get pregnant is to be “far right”.
So, to question man-made climate change means you are “far right” and also a “denialist” akin to and conveniently enough, no better than “a Holocaust denier” – the place where that “denial” word was first bandied about.
So, to question the “vaccines” and a lot of modern medicine and to be curious about homeopathic medicine is to be “far right” and again, a “denialist of the science”, which we are also told “is settled”.

So, to say the conflict in Ukraine really started in 2014, following the coup against the elected (and annoyingly Russian leaning) government and the subsequent banning of the Russian language in the ethnic Russian areas, is to be “far right”. This would also mark you out as “an avid supporter of Putin” and “unpatriotic”.
So, to stand for free speech and for the right to say something online, which one could also say in the real world without being arrested, is also to be an advocate for the “far right” it seems.

How on earth did we get here?

How is it that the supposed “left” now supports what would in normal times be their sworn enemies – huge, global corporations in Big Tech and social media and their censorship agenda?

How is it that the supposed “left” also now supports Big Pharma who accept no liability whatsoever for the harms caused by Covid “vaccines” whilst at the same time making staggering profits – all from a campaign built on psychological manipulation and billions of pounds of free taxpayer-funded psy ops marketing? (Bizarrely, whilst there are calls for windfall taxes on energy companies, there are no calls for taxes on the bonkers windfall profits Big Pharma have enjoyed).

I consider myself to be centre left. At the various freedoms and rights marches I attended in London since March 2020, I would often ask the people on the marches which political party they voted for at the last election. I would guess that of those who said they voted at all, at least two thirds had voted Liberal Democrat or Labour.

So, my contention is this: I did not leave the centre left, the centre left (and much of the centre right too, judging by “Bunter Boris Johnson” and his useless administration) abandoned me.

And to make it worse they have embarked on a terrifying journey into censorship, whilst becoming cheerleaders for huge corporations who wish to control us.

I do not believe this is an accident. Like many, I believe it is part of a plan built long ago, well above the heads of government.

But how did it happen? Why did the good people of the centre and left suddenly lose their heads?

Well, it is simple really – and very worrying because it has happened in the past with awful consequences for us all.

Here is my explanation.

If you are on the left, you will like the “collective good”. That is nice and usually good – you care for your fellow man or woman. So do I, which is why I used to be a Labour Party member and why I have never voted Conservative or for any party to the right of them.

If you are on the left, you are also more likely to think the bosses are out to exploit you. Fair enough, they may be, after all, many will have some interest in making a profit and part of doing that may include keeping your wages down.

So, this is what happened: People on the left, like so many others, believed the massive psy op nonsense that Covid was some great plague swiping huge number of humans of all ages to the grave.

Of course, that is patently ridiculous, when the average age of death with Covid was higher than the average age of death overall. Healthy adults were at negligible risk and healthy kids at statistically nil risk. (Scientists from Stanford looked into a number of different studies and concluded the median infection fatality rate for people aged 0-59 was 0.035%. 95% of those succumbing had at least two co-morbidities).

But people on the left, just like so many others, fell for the massive psy ops. And they also thought how nasty were the bosses too, who wanted to make them go into work, where they could catch Covid and possibly die.

All the while the mainstream media was pushing the nonsense of the “deadly plague” day after day. So, people who identified as “left leaning” succumbed, just like the vast majority of the population and started to believe that two plus two was five and down was up. (Readers might like to research the psychological experiments done in the 1960s to test peoples’ conformity (Solomon Asch) and obedience (Stanley Milgram) and maybe re-read Orwell’s “1984”).

A higher proportion of Labour Party MPs than Tories voted to have care workers, nurses and doctors sacked if they refused to take the serum known as the “Covid vaccine”. Only a handful of real Labour (supposedly “far left”) Labour MPs voted against this disgusting measure.

But here is the thing – many people on the left, especially, because of their love of the collective and suspicion of “the bosses”, actually fell for the lies far more than the average.

Perhaps this should be no surprise. Parties once associated with the left tend to have “form” in sometimes drifting into totalitarianism in the past, of course. Hitler’s party had “socialist” roots and still had that word in its title throughout the second world war. Mussolini too started as a socialist.

So, one request I would like to make of free-thinking, anti-censorship websites. Can they be more careful in casually referring to “leftist this” and saying “left wingers have done that” please?

By doing this, they stand to be accused of being Tory Tub Thumpers and actively switching off people who they ought to be waking up.

The people who have jumped into bed with big corporations to deny our rights and our free speech are nothing of the centre left of old. I do not recognise them. Can we start referring to them as “globalist totalitarians”.

So, for example, “The Guardian” newspaper is not left wing, it has strong elements of “globalist totalitarianism” reflecting the objectives of its biggest funder, Bill Gates. Let us call them what they are, let us NOT call them “left leaning”. They are patently nothing of the sort.

To be specific, supporters of the “Great Reset” are not communist, they are fascists, because the world their intellectual guru, Klaus Schwab, (the head of the World Economic Forum), would like to inhabit is a world of total control and surveillance of the human – and it would be controlled by private-public partnerships. And the fact it is to be ran by such partnerships (and not all fully controlled by the state) means it is fascist, not communist. (China is also, of course, in reality, fascist because in China there is private capital in mega-corporations, albeit very tightly controlled by The Party).

In Schwab’s world, the likes of Bill Gates will be running many more of these private-public partnerships. His kind will get to fly about in private jets whilst the rest of the world presumably gets to eat worms or at least not fly about much (their carbon footprint being controlled via their bank accounts, thus limiting what they spend money on, where they can spend it and with penalties applied for not complying with jab mandates or anything else their leaders deem is “good for them”).

Gates and Schwab and all their cheerleaders in the mainstream media, social media, Big Tech and Big Pharma are totalitarians first and foremost. They are total and utter fascists.

And the old left and too many of their supporters have fallen for this totally, which I believe was part of the plan from the off. Even the great poet and song writer Billy Bragg has fallen for it, he now sports the same evil, fanatical stare worn by Tony Blair as he shills for Big Pharma and whatever “the current thing “is. How utterly depressing.

If people still have blinkers on, if they don’t believe what I am saying here, then fine. In that case, may I suggest they get a copy of Schwab’s book, “The Great Reset” – the plan is helpfully laid out in full in there. Read it straight from the source!

COVID-19: The Great Reset: Schwab, Klaus, Malleret, Thierry: 9782940631124: Books

Or better still, save your money and read some online reviews of it, many of which quote from it.

But do it fast. Time is running out for people to wake up – our freedoms are fast disappearing already. And if you hadn’t noticed this happening, you are almost certainly watching too much BBC and controlled media. You may be a lost cause.

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  • I like your approach to this, starting from a political angle and hopefully making people, who identify with elements of the left, think, instead of swallowing BBC and Guardian propaganda.

    I’d comment that what we’re actually witnessing, first hand, is the end of conventional politics.

    We’ve had Tories executing the largest handout of free money in history and Labour politicians supporting huge globalist corporations and joining in with the shameless targeting of Brexiteers and the unquaxxed.

    We have the technology, via the internet, to set up ultra-democratic systems which do not need politicians with party affiliations. It is not beyond the wit of man to set up such a system and of course it wouldn’t be perfect.

    Funnily enough, I get hearty approval of this from almost all of my customers… apart from a few on the Left, who worry about allowing the people to deliberate! ‍♂️ I remind them that that is, ultimately, the closest to democracy, we’ll ever get.

    As a species, perhaps we need leaders and a supposedly benevolent dictator, who knows…..‍♂️

  • Well written and thoughtful. Although you lament for the loss of the proper left, I think that also applies to the conventional right too who, like me, have lost a political home.”If you are on the left, you will like the “collective good”. That is nice and usually good – you care for your fellow man or woman. So do I, which is why I used to be a Labour Party member and why I have never voted Conservative or for any party to the right of them.” This particular section reads well but will put off people of the “old right” because they too care for their fellow man, and not all business and property people are exploiters trying to “do down” the workers. They just see that different means will bring about general prosperity. This is the old trope adopted when socialism was trying to get established and it was convenient to trash the victorians to get traction. Party politics have to create strawmen and exaggerate difference as that’s how our system works. Like most things in life there’s good and bad in all, but he who writes history gets to own the narrative! On this it’s worth seeing the recent new film called the Lost King about the discovery of poor and much maligned Richard 3rd under a Leicester social services car park! Once we see that political parties and therefore politicians coalesce in thought, it’s easier for them to be less representative of us and more for themselves whether that be communist or fascist, which for me are but the cheeks of the same arse!

  • Respect to you David for being brave enough to publish these views on a platform viewed by many.
    We and many others seem to have looked at the lies and contradictions from the last (almost) three years and arrived at very similar conclusions. Something sinister is afoot and we need many more people to realise before it is too late. The Trusted news Initiative (T.N.I.) is effectively controlling this sinister narrative in nearly all mainstream media (BBC, MSN, Meta, Instagram, Youtube, Washington Post, Guardian etc etc) and if we allow this to continue it will not end well for 99.9% of us.
    Let’s hope it is not too late already as these manipulators of truth are in a very powerful position.
    Surely, dear reader, what you have seen with your own eyes happen during the last couple of years must make even the most compliant mind suspicious.

    • Hi Peter, I remember you from the seminars. Trying to place the face. Feel free to email pic to see if it jogs my memory.
      It is so depressing I think that people are in a trance – or so it seems.
      Your last para is on the lines of my new post on this in a few months which will be me saying, “Well, you have already ceded this and now that, at what point will you people finally wake up and what will it take to actually wake you?” (And will it be too late by then?)

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