The Great Reset and the coming banking crash

Control and surveillance systems only go so far when two people who wish to trade something both agree to cheat the systems to get what they want. To solve this problem, there will be a banking crash within the next three years, which is a key part of the technocratic surveillance state takeover called the “Great Reset”

The phrase Great Reset was invented and popularised by World Economic Forum chief, Klaus Schwab, in his book of the same name. His various books work well as a kind of “conspiracy prophecy”, as many of the things advocated in them have already happened. Other weirder stuff he likes, such as information chips, embedded in the arms and even brains of every person along with human augmentation are currently in their infancy but are already being trialled in Germany, the UK and Sweden.

In my blog post back in July 2021, I listed the 16 lies of “Covid”, who is behind the lies and what they want.

The central premise of that post was to highlight the absurdities of what has been done under the name of combatting “Covid”, how established science had been rewritten and to look at what the whole response to Covid was really all about.

My intention was to show that many of the measures taken were so absurd and illogical, that they could not reasonably be explained as “being about public health”. Government could not possibly be that incompetent that often unless there was another agenda. And even people who still believe these levels of incompetency from governments were possible would surely have a hard time explaining the lack of open debate in the media about the usefulness (or not) of lockdowns and widespread roll outs of experimental injections.

And by highlighting who has influence and ownership of the media, scientific bodes, governments, big business, trade unions and yes, even religious institutions, I showed that the logical conclusion was that “Covid” and the so-called Health Passport schemes were simply a Trojan Horse which was being used to bring in a total control surveillance system.

I think the piece has stood the test of time well.

And yet still the lack of logic persists.

For example, we now see fully injected Care Home staff having to be tested every day whilst the 10% of Care Home staff who declined the experimental injections (and who would have been happy to be tested too) have been sacked. The same treatment is due to happen to all NHS staff by April – and no doubt rolled out to other workers too, in due course. A great New Year present for working through the pandemic and clearly illogical – as testing is available to all and it now admitted that those who have had the injections can spread it as least as much as the un-injected.

Yet no one in the media questions this.

Similarly, no one asks why South Africa, home of the supposed new variant, but where only 20% or so have had the experimental injections has a lower age adjusted death rate than most of the highly injected countries in the West from the new variant. People in the West may wonder why, if Africa is so lightly jabbed, they don’t see images of bodies piling up in the streets there. But never fear, the IMF arm of the cabal is now making the roll-over of loans to poorer countries like South Africa contingent with their agreement to implement the roll out of the injections and “health passports”.

So, no control systems, no money!

There are hundreds of examples of such idiocy and lack of logic. Of course, under emergency laws, forced through in all countries, no media can ever be allowed to ask the obvious questions, but then again, in most countries, most of the media is controlled and heavily dependent on funding from those who want to see the Great Reset implemented. They are not allowed to ask.

The desire of those behind this is that each person in the world can be tracked and monitored at all times, everywhere, initially through their smart phones, which will be needed to access shops, bars, gyms, churches, wherever. The supposed “virus” and the need to “stay safe” is the perfect excuse to bring this surveillance in.

Klaus Schwab is famous for saying, “The Covid crisis cannot be allowed to go to waste” and “You will own nothing, but you will be happy”, which is also very worrying.

But the control passports are not enough, a banking crash is also needed.

Why do I say this?

Firstly, people, through their own observations, are waking up to the fact that 99.85% survive Covid and that the injections do not work as well as natural immunity, which is why “natural immunity” is now effectively a banned phrase in the main media. (Two other words that have had their definitions changed in the last two years, in this Orwellian horror show are “vaccine” and “herd immunity”).

Secondly, there are obvious limits to how effectively control and surveillance can work if two parties agree to break the rules.

Let me explain by way of two examples.

Why a Banking Crash May Be Needed to Fulfil the Great Reset

We like to use independent shops. My wife does much of the shopping. She often uses local Turkish and Polish-owned food shops which have lots of great grub at better prices than you can get in the big, boring supermarkets. Plus, the owners and much of the staff and customers are not bothered about pointless face muzzle wearing.

Now, if a law was put in banning my also un-injected wife from going to any shop to buy food, that could be a problem for us as we do not want to put more money in the hands of the big global food deliverers whom Schwab and his ilk so admire.

It would be a particular problem when the technology is eventually in place to flash up a warning when she enters, because her mobile would alert the scanner that her injections are not up to date. (This is indeed coming – it is all predicted enthusiastically in Herr Schwab’s books).

But these shops will still want her money, the owner is a good lady and so I am sure she and her staff would happily collect my wife’s order and bring it to her outside without her having to cross the threshold and alert the scanner that an un-injected person has attempted entry.

Similarly, for my plumber.

Steve, my plumber is also un-injected. What if a law was also passed saying he could not attend anyone’s home to fix their loo or heating system as he was un-injected? This, to me, seems very likely to soon be law in the UK, given the current direction of travel. Laws forbidding employees of private businesses who are un-injected from working are already in place in many western “democracies”.

But that is avoidable too. He tells me most people don’t care about his injection status anyway – when their loo is stinking, they just want the problem fixed.

So, you see a problem here in these two examples.

Control and surveillance systems only go so far when two people who wish to trade something both agree to cheat the systems to get what they want.

The communists were very familiar with this problem, which was especially acute in rural villages where people could easily trade food stuffs and other services among themselves, hidden from the local commune.

So, what is to be done?

Well, to solve the problem that emerges when people realise the injections don’t work very well and to stop the cheating, the techno-globalists know they need to control not just people’s bodies, they need to also control their wallets.

So, they need to stop them transacting with money. But they cannot easily do that with commercial banks sitting between them and the people. (Now, I know, the intelligence agencies can already get access to see what we spend money on in some circumstances, but it is a fiddly process. The controllers need much easier access than that).

So, how do you control how people spend money and their access to it in the first place?

Well, remember the banking crash of 2008-9? At the end of all this, governments around the world ended up owning some or all of certain failing banks. In the UK, the government took huge equity chunks in Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Bank and the old Halifax, to name but three. It was the only way those banks could survive, so their shareholders had to agree. Other banks and building societies disappeared completely.

What would happen now if there was another banking crash?

Well, today, the world’s governments have so splurged on their often failed polices of “controlling the pandemic” that there is no money left to save the banks again. Test and Trace in the UK utterly failed in its objectives, but this alone gobbled up the same amount as the annual NHS budget.

And that is one thing that is true. Levels of government debt are way higher than in 2008/9. They just could not bail out the banks again.

So, herein lies the opportunity – and you can bet your bottom dollar that Herr Schwab, effective Chief Operations Officer for the Great Reset knows this. It has been long in the planning, his planning.

So, here is my prediction.

One day, very soon now, you will wake to news of one or more big retail banks collapsing. This will happen in all the major economies of the world simultaneously. This phenomenon of all countries acting together is called “lockstep” and it is a key part of the technocratic planning that anyone can see if they bother to look up video footage of “Event 201”, “Agenda 2021” and “Agenda 2030” that the World Economic Forum jointly ran as planning scenarios for the “pandemic” and other events.

So, in the UK, the banks initially “collapsing” could be Santander and/or Lloyds or some other bank. In France, it could be Credit Agricole. It doesn’t really matter which banks are chosen.

Banking Crash Prediction

On that same day, it is likely that the internet will be off too, globally, so the only news you will have to on will be from the TV and radio.

If the internet was still on, people like me would be on here querying why this was happening and calling out the lies. I would say, “Sure, there is a lot of global government debt around, but the commercial banks are better capitalised than they were in 2008. This collapse is nonsense”. But with the internet down you will not hear my voice or that of any other “callers out of the truth”.

It is just possible the internet could stay up, because in times of crisis people simply listen to the radio or TV. And the TV and radio will certainly not have sceptical bankers and economists on. (In that much, very similar to Covid, where sceptical health experts rarely appear).

The financial contagion that has caused this could be blamed on anything really, it does not really matter what it is, but something far away like the collapse of Evergrande, a property firm in China could be cited as a possible cause. The cause doesn’t matter anyway, it is the momentum of the collapse that matters. Once the collapse gets going it will be very quick, especially when fanned by governments and mainstream media.

The TV will tell of the links between banks and how all are connected to the same problem afflicting the worst affected one or two. This will serve to increase fear and ensure the collapse is total.

So that same morning, if you walk up your High Street, there will be huge queues of people outside all the banks and building societies, all desperately trying to take out their cash.

After a short while that same day, probably by 11am, the banks will close their doors and the governments of the world will make half-hearted appeals for calm.

By close of business that day or very soon after, the government will tell you that the banks will re-open in a few days and it will be mentioned that the credit you had, will now be “managed by the government”. Your bank statement will still say Metro or Lloyds or Santander on the header, but those banks will have ceased to exist, as a quick check of their share market value will reveal. Their shares will have been de-listed from the stock market as they now will have zero value. They will now only exist only as a header on a statement.

Merchant banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs will be unaffected and will be fine. They will still be needed for the future planned world dominated by big corporates who will still need some private finance raising facility. Possibly, Goldman and their ilk may take over the actual management of your old bank deposit. After all, some, like Goldman already have a small operation running retail bank accounts. (Perhaps, like me, you may have wondered why a huge merchant bank would have bothered with a piddly, small retail banking operation, so now you know).

So, now your credit at your bank is managed by the state, the same for everyone around the world and achieved just like that, in record time.

The mainstream controlled media will tell you to be ever so grateful that the government “saved your money”, just like they supposedly saved your life from “Covid”.

Oh, and of course, all those fiddly cash machines will be too expensive to maintain, so cash will get the final coup de grace. This will be sold to you as a good thing too – no cash means less drug money laundering, less tax evasion and less fraud.

You may be asked to bang pots and pans again outside your house.

So, where does that leave us?

What about my wife wishing to transact with the Turkish and Polish food shops? What about Steve the Plumber?

Well, with no commercial bank in the way, a Big Brother State is free now to dictate what you spend your money on and even if you can access that money at all.

Not had the up-to-date injections, not done your community service, jumped too many red lights?

Oh dear, perhaps you cannot go to a gym, restaurant or bar or maybe, even buy food. You are not “safe” or not the “right sort of person”. You are “not protecting others”.

Well, you can still go to the Turkish Food Market, I suppose, but you will find your payment system on your card/mobile/in built chip is disabled for certain or all types of transactions, until you get in line and be a good citizen. If you are a landlord, you may also be prohibited from receiving rents and the wrong sort of tenants may be prohibited from making rent payments to you. The tenants will almost certainly be banned from receiving any benefits if their jab card or other obligation is not up to date.

Steve the Plumber will find he cannot buy his plumbing materials until he also gets in line too. He will likely find credit denied as well. Perhaps his ability to receive credits from customers is turned off. Fancy a job at British Gas instead, Steve? Well, you had better start being “the right citizen”.

In fact, there may be very little space for any small and independent businesses, because they are less controllable – and anyway the likes of Schwab want all business to be done online, preferably by big corporations who can measure our needs before we even realise we have them. Herr Schwab is also a big fan of this.

Little business will be done in pesky shops with their dirty, organic food that you can smell. Schwab specifically mentions in “The Great Reset” that smelling a piece of fruit, loose in a shop “would be a thing of the past as it may not be safe”. No materials can be bought face-to-face by Steve in smelly plumbers’ merchants. No gags about Fork Handles and Four Candles.

Welcome to the Great Reset, fully formed. It will feel a bit like China, a place these globalists like rather like a lot.

In the meantime, to keep the population scared and buying into the whole surveillance/tracking of payment systems, there would need to be more viruses – and almost certainly one supposedly much more deadly than Covid. I hear they are working on a Marburg or Smallpox virus right now. No doubt, Mr. Fauci and his friends will be more careful that the trail does not point right back to them next time.

The sad thing is that the media propaganda – most outlets are controlled by the same globalists – will mean that most people will be bombarded to accept that we must all remain “super-cautious”. They will accept the banking crash just as they have accepted supposed virus controls, like “health passports” and “track and trace surveillance”. As with Covid and passports, there will be no debate allowed with other experts who think differently. No independent economists will be allowed a mainstream news platform to query how the takeover of the banks was allowed to happen when there was no justification for it in terms of their capitalisations.

Property and Shares After the Great Reset Banking Collapse

What about property and shares? What will happen to them?

Well, don’t forget it is commercial banks, now under state control who now control your mortgage. So, again, if you do not conform, have your injections or anything else deemed to make you a “good citizen”, your mortgage loan could be withdrawn or penalties applied straight to your mortgage or current account.

If you own property or shares, once things have settled down, they will still have real value, likely the same original pre-crash value, (though not pure retail banks shares which, as I have explained, will be worthless). However, a charge on your property could be made if you do not conform to “the rules”. Fines will be taken from your bank deposit. Your bank account will be increasingly referred to as a social or “universal system” or “central bank digital currency unit” (CBDC).

Many countries around the world are already trialling these CBDCs.

Perhaps you should ask why there are doing this, before they put the panic in place to make it a reality? It is not needed, after all.

A big fig leaf of the global technocracy is the greenwashing agenda. They like to use green issues to give cover to their plans as part of what they like to call “stakeholder democracy”. So, if you do not upgrade your property to the current environmental standard, you will be in trouble. Again, expect your bank deposit, sorry, central bank digital currency unit, to be raided.

This is the likely new world.

It is a world that you will not find discussed in your mainstream media. You will not find it using Google as a search engine. But all the evidence since March 2020 seems to lead down this route and after all, it is neatly set out in many of Klaus Schwab’s works and at the World Economic Forum website.

Don’t take my word for this – read up on it for yourself – and find out for yourself which leaders from all walks of life have been on the WEF training courses. The WEF are pretty open about most of them, apart from those from the security services and some from the supposedly socialist political parties.

So, just wait for that banking crash and for the internet to go down – and remember, you were warned here in January 2022.

An Alternative Scenario

An alternative, less nuclear scenario might happen though.

With about half the adult population dependent on means tested benefits to live, the government simply could announce that henceforth all benefits will be paid into the central digital bank account “for your convenience”. No opt out allowed. Then, they will be able to mandate “No injections equals no money”. Or it could be that the account would prevent you from making payments that the authorities disapproved of – so sending money to the Canadian Trucker Protest would be disabled. Or if you were caught doing it, again, no benefits would be paid and your account frozen.

So, what should you do?

Well if you comply with any current nonsensical “rules”, your compliance is making this nightmare scenario ever more likely.

“It couldn’t happen here”, some say. “That sounds too much like China”.

The people saying this are the same people who, in March 2020, would never have envisaged the things we have done to combat a disease that 99.85% survive. Yet they have been very easily persuaded and indeed even cheered and clapped like seals for all the measures that have been rolled out, with many demanding even more. They have learned nothing from history and clearly have no understanding of the psychological operation techniques that have been employed by their own governments.

Link to my blog post from July:

Further Reading

Search engines you should not be using – and some alternatives you could use.

In this 8m video, Professor of Risk Management Norman Fenton exposes the central lie in the “vaccine” roll out, the lie which counts people who have had died within 14 days of their injection as “un-injected”. His forensic analysis of government data shows that there is a significant pick up in all-cause excess deaths within 14 days of injection across all age groups and concludes that this can only be caused by the injections. By counting these excess deaths (and illness) as being among the un-injected (or “unvaccinated” in their parlance), the lie is promulgated that it is the unvaccinated who are clogging up ICU units (and mortuaries). His analysis is one of many out there that shows this is, in fact, completely untrue.

Peter Doshi PHD, Editor of the British Medical Journal BMJ speaking in this 6m video. Some quotes from him: “Something is not adding up”, “The (Covid) vaccine trials did not demonstrate efficacy”, “What they call MRNA products are not vaccines and should not be called vaccines”. Doshi is also Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Health at University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. He has no conflicts of interest. 

Dr Peter Doshi, associate editor of the BMJ discusses the scientific process/roll out of Vaccines – YouTube

Some superbly detailed analysis, fully cross referenced to real scientific studies and data from Swiss Policy Research.

Covid Vaccines: A Reality Check – Swiss Policy Research (

COVID-19 Vaccines Yellow Card Analysis – UK Freedom Project

For other articles by me on this topic please see here:


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  • Very much agree. The intention has long been to increase banking sector concentration. So eventually even the big banks will go down.

    An important point to understand is that the central bank could still save the banking system. It could simply transfer all bad debts from commercial banks to the central bank. The central bank would ‘create’ this money and there would be no cost to the tax payer. Banks would be recapitalised at full market value and away you go. This was very successful in post ww2 Japan. The taxpayer funded bailout of the banks was a robbery of the people.

    You must watch on YouTube Princes of the Yen. Best wishes.

    • Thank you Miles. Good comment.

    • It was refreshing to read so many things I have believed all in one place. When I share these thoughts I become a conspiracy theorist. I believe this will happen very soon, do you believe precious metals is a better alternative to the fiat money they state will one day hold?

      • Thanks Miles,
        Old one but good one…. Q What’s the difference between a “conspiracy theorist” and the truth…
        A. About a year, currently!
        Not sure about precious metals. If things really come apart, you might need firearms and a load of land with a good water supply!
        Crypto could be good – must admit do not understand it as much as I should.
        In times of rapid inflation, for a while at least real assets like shares and property should hold up, though eventually the the taxman will come asking us who hold such assets for their pound of flesh.

  • Thank you David for the sober and all too plausible article which I will share with others

      • Hi David, I thought I’ll share the following video as it’s so powerfull in the making about the Damages that the vaccine has caused peoples lives.

        Thank you,

        • Hi Alan,

          Yes, I have seen that already, very powerful, though wish the film order had left the vox pops from people injured and killed till after they had gone through the real science, the true stats and trail of carnage these damn injections have caused.
          The reason I say this is that the Covid Vaccine Zealots will say, (just as we do about Convid deaths), things like “Oh, but these cases of people being injured from the quackcines are sad but very rare” and may switch off before they get to the info on the sheer scale of this outrage.
          Happy to add the video here, of course.

          Thank you, David

  • Of course the only way to get out of this rat hole is to attack the psychos at the top. Imagine the World Economic Forum lists printed round the world, imagine all of the rich wankers with their jets and pyschopathic triangulation models turned on by the masses, Imagine people spitting and cursing these monopolistic organisations. It’s about time that people come to reality but the problem is so many have been duped and carry on with their tails up their arses and prefer to believe the lies as their own little nests have not yet been significantly affected. This article you’ve written paints the world as a communist monopoly and that is what is aimed at by the United Nations, it’s been in our faces for a long time.

    And the good news is that it is planned to break up the socialist monopoly when we are all dead!

    All love to the writer. Its so sad that the masses are blind.

    Same as it ever was…until the tipping point. Target World Economic Forum Target Bank of International Settlements Target United Nations. Fire we need the military to turn but they are groomed for sheep that they are. It all seems pretty hopeless and of course hope is needed in the opposite triumvirate of ethic

    • Yes. There have been some very good articles published recently about the “left wing”, including many at TCW and Daily Sceptics.
      One angle, recently explored by many of these articles is the strange way that political parties on the supposed “right” are always labelled “far right” by most news channels in the mainstream media, even though the things they stand for, seem to most of us, to be very centrist.
      Meanwhile, the “far left” as a “thing”, as a construct appears to have died.
      It is almost as though no party in the Western World today is ever apparently “far left” as far as the lame stream media are concerned.
      To stand for the family is to be “far right”.
      To question man made climate change means you are far right.
      To question the “vaccines” and a lot of modern medicine and be curious about natural medicine is to be far right.
      To stand for free speech and for the right to say something that is possibly contentious online, but which one could also say in the real world without being arrested, is also to be an advocate for the “far right” it seems.
      How did we get here? And how is it that the supposed “left” now supports huge, global corporations in Big Tech, social media and Big Pharma?
      I consider myself to be centre left. At the various marches I attended in London since March 2020, I would often ask the people I met which political party they voted for at the last election. I would guess that of those who said they voted at all, at least two thirds had voted Liberal Democrat or Labour.
      So, my contention is this: I did not leave the centre left, the centre left (and much of the right, judging by Bunter’s administration) abandoned me. And they have embarked on a terrifying journey into censorship, whilst becoming cheerleaders for huge corporations who wish to control us.
      I do not believe this is an accident. Like many, I believe it is part of a globalist Great Reset plan.
      Parties once associated with the left tend to have “form” in sometimes drifting into totalitarianism in the past, of course. Hitler’s party had “socialist” roots and still had that word in its title throughout. Mussolini too started as a socialist.
      But one request I would like to make please?
      Can we be more careful in casually referring to “leftist this” and saying “left wingers have done that” please?
      These people who have jumped into bed with big corporations to deny our rights are nothing of the centre left of old. I, for one, do not recognise them.
      Can we call them idiots? Can we start referring to them as “globalist totalitarians”.
      So, for example, “The Guardian” is not left wing it is “globalist totalitarian” reflecting the objectives of its biggest funder, Bill Gates.
      Let us call them what they are, let us NOT call them “left leaning”. They are not.
      They are fascist, they are communist, they are totalitarians.

    • The people are completely gone when it comes to reality for what happening right now and what’s coming as they are focusing too much on materialistic things and I do feel It’s impossible to wake these people up now even when it comes to their front door, they will still believee it’s Russia’s fault.
      If people haven’t already woken up yet they still won’t. Trying to point them in the right direction that it is the elite who’s in complete Control all people do is laugh, insult you and are very argumentative towards the truth.
      This Genocide towards the people/ the new world order is mind blowing. Impossible to overturn when only people don’t have the powers, the Resources to fight back as these Psychopaths are impossible to reach. So even with Survival skills stocking up with Essentials that won’t last for Ever.

  • Hi David, I just received the following information by email and Please find link below regarding how doctors are made to keep quiet about the Damage that the vaccines are causing people.
    Why Doctors Are Lying to You
    If the COVID shots are as bad as they appear, why isn’t your doctor warning you about all their potential side effects, and instead, is encouraging you to get more shots?

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