Just How Did They Get Away With Telling All Those Covid Lies

Just how did they get away with all those Covid lies?

And what will happen next with Covid? (Sorry, folks but this is not all over, because it was never just about Covid, it was never just about public health).

First things first, I am not an “anti-vaxxer”, nor am I in any way, right wing.

Good, got that silly name calling out of the way.

Right, now let’s begin.

OK, just how did they do it? How did they persuade most people in the West to take an experimental injection, indeed a series of injections, when the facts below were already available, even before the programmes started, (for those who could be bothered to look at the real science, that is)?

And what did the real science say? What was already known by January 2021?

First, that 99.88% of people survived Covid (or 99.9916% who do not have a serious underlying condition).

Second, for people under 55 years of age, Covid 19 was less lethal and less dangerous than a normal seasonal flu and that people aged 15 were 10,000 times less likely to die of Covid than people aged 70 or over

Third, that the average age of death in the UK with Covid is 82.4, almost 2 years older than the average age of death overall.

Fourth, that 95% to 99% of people who died with Covid has at least one of more serious underlying conditions.

Fifth, that the injections were only approved for emergency use and were and are still in trial stage.

Sixth, to get that emergency use authorization, the makers had to mount a huge effort to debunk other treatments that were available, such as cheap and effective Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (no profit in them for big Pharma) which were being widely used in other countries, (mainly in the third world) and which had demonstrably reduced serious infections and death where Covid 19 was present.

Seventh, the Big Pharma companies who make the injections, despite making billions from them, would only supply them to countries if they signed a waiver which meant they would be indemnified from any liability because of damage caused by the injections.


All these facts were known back in late 2020, before the roll out of Covid “injections”.

But the fact is that many people trusted their governments on this, despite the evidence from around the world that the lockdown policies were also demonstrably insane – harsh lockdown countries had a higher excess death rate than light touch countries did.

But though many people knew all this, many folks who thought the whole thing odd, just acquiesced in the face of losing their rights, as we shall explain.

And how are those controlling this continuing to get people to take more of these injections although it is now evident to anyone, (again, anyone who can be bothered to look at the real science), that they don’t work very well and are positively dangerous?

Let’s look at what the real science says since the injection programme started?

Real science now shows that the injections fail to prevent someone from either being “infected” or infecting anyone else and that any efficacy against infection (or reduced illness) wanes rapidly within 8 weeks of the injections. This, despite, the lofty claims made at the outset for these injections.

Real science shows that people who got Covid and recovered, but who have not had the injections are much less likely to get it again, (so called “breakthrough infections”), than people who were coerced into going down the injections route. The corollary of this is that as those who are injected get Covid more often, they can actually spread it more. This shows the total stupidity and lack of logic of so called “Vaccine Passports”.

Real science shows that that 2,000 people have already died from the injections in the UK, (source – “Yellow Card” data reported by the UK statistics authority, the ONS), and that figure is thought to be at best, one in 20 of the true figures – i.e., around 40,000. (See Note 1). This compares with 17,500 deaths solely due to Covid (where no other serious condition was present).

Simple observation shows that in places like Africa, where injection roll out is still only around 18% of the population receiving two injections, there appears to be an inconvenient absence of bodies piling up in the streets or morgues, even among the old, despite Covid 19 having been easily as widespread as in the West.

So, I ask again, just how did they pull this feat off and how do they continue to pull it off now?

Well, that is what is so disturbing here.

They did it using several different and very dark methods.

Control of Language

The injections for Covid 19 developed thus far are labelled as “vaccines” when they demonstrably fail to meet the long term definition of this word.

In a horrifying Orwellian twist, even writers of dictionaries have been leant on to accept a change of definition of the word “vaccine” to include gene therapies.

My old Collins Dictionary (version published 1990) defines “vaccines” thus: A suspension of dead, attenuated or otherwise modified microorganisms for inoculation to produce immunity to a disease by stimulating the production of antibodies.”

This Covid injection, still in its experimental stage remember, totally fails to meet that definition.

Also, the definition of “herd immunity” has been altered from having had a pathogen, to include also the situation where a certain percentage of a population has been “vaccinated” or in this case “injected”.

Control of Media

There are different strands to the control of the media.

First, governments did an enormous amount of advertising on TV, radio, print media and outside media such as billboards and transport. It was relentless and impossible to avoid. Schools and colleges were involved too, and even religious leaders co-opted.

The repeated messaging was that the injections were “safe” and would prevent a high risk of serious injury and death and that they would also prevent someone spreading it.

Getting an injection meant doing your bit to “protect the NHS” and “protect your mates”. Just about all these claims are complete lies. But when the government is your biggest advertiser, it tends to also influence the editorial position too.

Second, governments invoked laws to make it hard for scientists who did not agree with their fear narrative to appear in the media, and they also leant on the Big Tech firms controlling social media to remove any content the real experts posted that questioned the narrative, no matter how eminent the authors were.

Open debate about the safety of the injections on radio and TV was effectively banned by Ofcom – and TV and radio stations who allowed any counter narrative or semblance of debate were regularly warned that their license to broadcast could be removed without warning.

“The “science was settled” and “follow the science” were the key mantras along with ongoing “fear of the virus porn” and a “good-as-total” ban on attempts to stop all media from showing the actual real death rates.

Third, many parts of the media are under the control of the same global investors and “Great Reset” fanatics (more on this later) who invest heavily in the injections, and who stand to benefit, so monitoring of compliance of the remaining few parts of the media which are not controlled was relatively easy to carry out.

This level of media saturation and control has never been seen before in the West, save for in the past in Nazi Germany, in countries under the domain of control of Soviet Russia, in the mid 1970s in Cambodia and for a very long time in China. All have employed the same tactics.

Many psychologists say this mass propaganda and fear-stoking develops in the population a sort of delusion and mindset they refer to as “mass formation psychosis”.  

Coercion and Control of the Population

In different countries, control over the population ranges from telling people they cannot travel abroad or even in their own country. It involves telling people they cannot work, go to a bar, restaurant, gym or even get healthcare, attend religious services or leave their homes if they do not comply and get the injection. In many countries, heavy and repeated fines have been imposed on those who do not comply.

Sadly, instead of fighting against these losses of rights, most people simply acquiesced for a “quiet life”. They thought that if they got a jab, the problem would be solved – they could go on holiday abroad or go to the pub. But, of course, it did not work like that. Ever more injections were demanded, and more rights were removed for those who said “No”.

Countries with World Economic Forum (WEF) graduate programme leaders and senior ministers in place such as Canada, USA, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and the three Baltic States led the way in removing rights. Fortunately, PartyGate in the UK, has given us a small breather, for now.

Famous people who bravely resisted, such as tennis player Novak Djokovic, are vilified in the media and publicly mocked in an attempt to force ordinary people to stay quiet if they too had not been injected, or better still, to comply and get the jabs.

People who question either the safety of the injections or the injection mandates and the coercive methods being used are pejoratively labelled as “anti-vaxxers” – despite relatively few of them being actually opposed to real vaccines.  

Protests against the injection mandates are dealt with brutally by the police to deter others from joining in. Seizing of assets and funding is a tool now widely used.

Control of Key Scientific Institutions

Over the last 30 years, all key scientific institutions concerned with pharmacology, immunology, virology, and epidemiology have been taken over by big global pharmaceutical organisations and their backers. They provide funds and give a strong emphasis to research into vaccines, as this is where the most money lies.

Big global pharma has also permeated and taken over control of governments and international organisations.

They now fully control bodies like the World Health Organisation (it surprises many to learn that Bill Gates, not a country is the second largest funder), the CDC in the USA, GAVI (the powerful vaccine alliance), the Welcome Trust and more. Much of this control and the organisation of it is directed by the World Economic Forum (WEF), whose CEO, Klaus Schwab, has an agenda that is far more sinister and goes well beyond just the acquisition of wealth from repeat injections.

They control much of the funding that goes to all these major scientific institutions – who unsurprisingly do their bidding.

But annoyingly for Big Pharma and their financial (and the other more sinister backers in the WEF camp), lots of top medical experts including leading Professors of Medicine and Professors of Risk Management were still speaking out, hence the need to ban them from social and mainstream media.

Wrap Up

So, that, folks, was how it was done.

In a nutshell, these were the methods by which ordinary people were persuaded to take an experimental injection against Covid 19, which in the vast majority of cases posed no serious harm to them at all. It did not stop them getting it and it did not stop them spreading it.

You may wonder at this point, why did so many governments knowingly lie to their people?

Why did they do this and what is it they want?

And is anyone above governments directing this and if so, what is it that they really want?

Sadly, the current reversal of some of our lost rights is just a hiatus, a pause in the roll out of what is called “The Great Reset”.

For answers to the questions I have posed just above, you need to read my earlier blog post, which looks at the 16 Lies of Covid and who is really behind this and what they want. See the next link, which included lots of references. It is far nastier than you might think, and the long term agenda is truly scary.

What Will Happen Next?

Two things will happen next.

Roll out of Central Bank Digital Accounts

About half the UK adult population is dependent on means tested benefits to live. The government will announce that henceforth all benefits will be paid into a Central Bank digital bank account “for your convenience”. (They, like other governments under WEF influence have these almost ready). No opt out allowed, of course.

Then, the government mandates: “No injections equals no benefits”. Or it could be that the account would prevent a person from making payments that the authorities disapproved of – so sending money to something like the Canadian Trucker Protest, for example, would be disabled. Or further ahead, if you were caught doing things that really upset the government, no benefits would be paid and your account frozen completely. The Central Bank digital bank accounts will in fact be used to impose all manner of fines (or treats) for good (or bad) citizens, as happens already in China.

It is particularly likely that tracking spending linked to carbon footprint will be a key part of this control. It is perhaps no accident that in Europe these so called “vaccine passes” are called “Green Passes”.

Roll out of Digital Passports

Around October, there will be another virus hot out of the lab, which will just happen to be quickly followed with a new experimental injection that will supposedly “fix it” too.

And by this time, the governments of the world will either have admitted the truth that lockdowns do not work, (they don’t), or – and this is more likely – that they do work, but we cannot afford to do them anymore. The harms to other aspects of health (non-Covid) and to the economy are just too great.

So, instead of lockdowns (and to save us from the horror and bad effects of them), everyone will have to take the new injection.

Those that don’t accept the injection will suffer financial penalties (maybe even imprisonment as happened in Australia in 2021) and a general resumption of the same loss of their rights, as was seen in many countries in 2021.

The only non-Pharma physical intervention that will be retained from before will be face coverings. Muzzles will become mandatory again as a useful outward symbol of compliance and that “a scary bug is out there again”.

All this will be enforced by digital passports, which will control entry to all buildings to the compliant, fully injected only. And thus, a key objective of the control and surveillance system of Mr. Schwab and the WEF’s “Great Reset” will be achieved.

Last Word

Final comment to this wrap up: I will say that as someone who leans to the left politically, I find it staggering and sad that most people I know who would identify as left leaning too have allowed their undoubted and kind altruism to be abused by those profit driven Big Tech and Big Pharma companies as well as by technocratic globalists with even more evil intent, in order to facilitate the greatest transfer of wealth from people on low and moderate incomes and small business to mega global business and to the very rich, at the same time as presiding over the beginnings of an extraordinary loss of rights for the ordinary man and woman.

I was horrified that only 22 Labour MPs, (a much smaller proportion than Conservatives even!), voted against sacking NHS workers who refused to get the experimental injections.

Shame on all the others who voted to sack them!

I will never, ever forget this abject betrayal of working people, for whom folks so happily clapped for like performing seals, only 19 months earlier.

Some Notes

Note 1 – Reasons why the Yellow Card is an understatement:

  1. Deaths within 14 days of experimental injection are not counted. However, Professor Norman Fenton among others has proved, using ONS data, see below, that deaths within 14 days must be happening.
  2. Level of propaganda that the injections are safe leads to non-reporting. People simply cannot imagine the injections are unsafe.
  3. People are not even aware they can report it in. They are not verbally given information about the Yellow Card reporting system when injected.
  4. Bereaved relatives/friends not reporting in, as this not priority for them and/ or cannot find the victim’s Yellow Card or NHS number.
  5. Doctors under pressure to not report in injection injuries and deaths.

Note 2 – Yellow Card Data Record of Deaths and Injuries due to the injections

The claim that ICU units in hospitals are full of unvaccinated is a complete lie and total fabrication. Many experts have exposed this lie, but Norman Fenton, Professor of Risk Management at Queen Mary College, University of London put it most succinctly in this 8-minute interview on LBC.

He clearly shows the apparent excess mortality in the injected must be being caused by them being classified as un-injected. This is because the big lie is that the injection takes 14 days to work, hence the recently injected get classified as un-injected, but this 14 day period is in fact where the highest mortality is.

Like many studies of its kind, it was banned from YouTube under the emergency powers and censorship, but still appears on BrandNewTube. The interviewer at LBC, Majid Nawaz was later sacked by LBC for repeatedly speaking out about the lies.


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  • Hi David,
    You just met my wife Stella whilst delivering food to your parents. Good to hear that you appreciate seeing peoples faces! Great write up, thanks for taking the time to write this.

    • Hi Steve,

      It was a pleasure meeting her and also getting your post here. When Stella rolled up I was having a hard pay with my parents.
      It is so nice to meet people who “get it” especially in that locale, which has been heavily faced nappied up whenever I have been in town shopping for my Mum and Dad. (I have often been the only shopper in the Sainsburys there without a muzzle on). And it felt heavy and oppressive, with one chap on one occasion in the supermarket really staring at me, it being where it was, ahem. I decided to reply in the best way appropriate given the area – I blew him a kiss.
      Keep up the fight. Hope you are going to the local Stands in the Park – I think yours is at Sandown Castle Park?

      With best wishes

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