The Covid Lies and who is behind them and what they want

I have been convinced for some time that the whole lockdown and “vaccine” drive is not about public health, if it ever was. After all, this is a disease 99.85% of people survive.

It is now my view that there is almost certainly something more sinister going on than just Big Pharma cashing in on people’s new-found lack of faith in their immune system and a misplaced faith in “vaccines”.

I say this because, despite the censorship happening in the UK under the powers in the Coronavirus Emergency Powers and the Public Health acts, which has led to censoring of respected scientists and medics via a staggering propaganda effort, one can still easily find lots of serious scientific articles which cast doubt on what we are seeing happening.

Indeed, a great deal that has been sold to the public as “facts” are not facts but are very much in dispute. To call them facts is in fact a lie.

I will look in detail at these dodgy “facts” later, in detail, in this piece. But these dodgy non-facts can be headlined as follows. There are 16 of them.

First Non-Fact: That the government and Sage are being honest.

Second Non-Fact: That the virus is novel, so there is no immunity to it.

Third Non-Fact: That the virus is very much more lethal than anything else we’ve encountered.

Fourth Non-Fact: That there are no treatments.

Fifth Non-Fact: That Long Covid “is a big thing

Sixth Non-Fact: That the PCR is a reliable test of clinically important infection. 

Seventh Non-Fact: That the virus can be spread by infected people without symptoms. 

Eighth Non-Fact: That Widespread Test, Track and Trace is effective. In reality, it could never have worked with Covid 19.

Ninth Non-Fact: That masks protect against transmission. 

Tenth Non- Fact: That Lockdowns slow transmission through the community.

Eleventh Non-Fact: That variants formed during virus replication are more dangerous and some will escape immunity.

Twelfth Non-Fact: That it’s uncertain if you can be infected twice.

Thirteenth Non-Fact: That the vaccines are safe and effective.

Fourteenth Non-Fact: That if you have had Covid already, you should still get the Covid “vaccine”.

Fifteenth Non-Fact: That people who are unvaccinated can somehow drive the spread of new variants.

Sixteenth Non-Fact: That it is OK to bully those who don’t wish to take the “vaccine” and to put them in some sort of apartheid, with limited rights to travel, work or go to school, even deny them access to health care.

Later, this paper will look in more detail at each of these sixteen non-facts, or as I would prefer to call them, “lies”.

But first, some background.

To many people, who read only the mainstream media, reading that many things stated as facts are in fact, lies, may come as something of a shock. Indeed, when many people see these described as lies, they may be tempted to dismiss them out of hand and stop reading.

They often ask: Why would the government lie to me? Surely, they would have my best interest and welfare at heart, as well as that of the welfare of all people, both here in the UK and in all countries.

The view above is certainly the view that I took, up until March 2020.

I am a reasonably successful businessperson with my own business, an expert in my private rented sector niche, a good level of education with a degree in business and an MBA and a past career that took in middle management project and consultancy roles at big organisations. I am the classic person who believed “in the system” – that yes, the capitalist system, has its faults, but that broadly, and if controlled with a healthy dose of social democracy, that scientists, the media and government are generally benign and not out to hurt their citizens.

That all changed for me in March 2020 when I realized that this was maybe no longer the case. Something was not quite right. I was finding the mainstream news was suddenly not reporting the news objectively and fairly, nor asking questions of government, so I turned most of it off and started digging around and doing my own research into “the science” and the media.

Accepting that you have been lied to is something that is difficult to come to terms with for most people, so if this is new to you, I do ask you to bear with me. It has been hard for me to come to terms with too. But it is what is probably behind this that is even scarier.

So, let’s go. This article comes in at just less than 6,700 words, (not counting the comments, there are lots of them at the end), but there is much to say, and it is easily the most important paper I have written to date. I do urge you to put away your preconceptions and take the time to read it all.

A State of Covid Fear (and Lies)

Since March 2020, here in the UK and around the world, people have been subjected to a truly horrendous level of psychological control techniques, misinformation and outright lies to gain their compliance with a whole gamut of horrors – lockdowns, face coverings and now, “vaccines”. (A good book that has recently come out, which describes the psychological methods used is called, “A State of Fear” by Laura Dodsworth. Despite efforts by the mainstream media to denigrate it, the book has been a huge success, currently ranked in the Top 50 books at Amazon. I recommend you get it).

But the story goes back a long way.

Over the last 40 years, in a gradual process (of which more detail is provided in the link at the end of this piece), most of the mainstream media, big technology firms, all big pharmaceutical firms and most leading scientific institutions and major universities concerned with virology, immunology and epidemiology have been taken over in part or in full – becoming controlled by a technocratic elite who sit above national governments.

In some cases, they are effectively bought for cash or given access to and influence at the “top tables” of national governments and supra-national bodies like the World Economic Forum and World Health Organisation. In other cases, such as university science departments, they are effectively bought by funding grants.

We are now at the end point of this gradual process of building technocratic control.

Key players involved in this, helping at an operational and/or financial level, include the likes of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and Tony Blair as well as global organisations such as the World Economic Forum, the Bildberberg Group and the Trilateral Commission. However, there are many other players and transnational bodies who are all closely interlinked, as some of the articles in the links at the end explain.

Sitting above them are thought to be another group of which the Rothschild, Rockefeller and JP Morgan dynasties are thought to be important players.

Through their ownership of media companies and their control of public broadcasters, (the latter achieved in the UK through a shadowy group called Common Purpose), these technocrats drive the “narrative” in the media worldwide.

These people and groups have forced national governments to suppress and impose outright bans on other scientific thought and expertise, labelling independent-minded scientists who question lockdowns or the safety of Covid “vaccines” as “dangerous” and “misinformed”, no matter who they are or how senior and eminent their position.

In the UK, all discussion and information about Covid is controlled and enforced by OFCOM. It has been this way since March 2020.

So, what do the people and organisations who are controlling this want?

The Covid Lies and the Technocratic Elite

It may come as a shock to many people, but there is very strong evidence that their long-term goal is to control national governments, democracies and individual freedoms and replace them with a global society in which every individual will be constantly controlled, monitored and assessed. The monetary systems will be replaced by one or more central bank currencies – access to credits from which will depend on the extent to which a person is deemed a “good citizen”.

Technocratic experts appointed by a global elite will control the overall direction of society with the narrative and policy being directed by the media they control. National governments will be subservient to them.

Klaus Schwab, the octogenarian founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), who holds regular meetings with key lieutenants in Davos is very much near the centre of this web. He is fond of saying about his brave new world, “You will own nothing, but you will be happy”.

But it is not as if we have not been warned. Indeed, I would prefer to call it the stuff of “Conspiracy Prophecy”, because Mr. Schwab has kindly written it all down for anyone to read, if they can just be bothered.

Schwab’s book, “The Great Reset” and his WEF website explains in full the desired end-goal, where national government and free thought is replaced by the techno-elite who will make all the key decisions. The idea, certainly successful thus far, is that people will happily comply with this and go along with it because the narrative they hold has been pre-shaped by a compliant media. For example, people have been taught to fear a “virus”, even one whose fatality rate is only a little higher than seasonal flu.

Under the fruition of their plans, you will need to have a mobile phone or other tracking device with you, whenever you leave your home. You will have to use it to get access to any building – access to which will be controlled by ubiquitous “QR Codes”. A social credit system will be put in place. Access to places or to “treats” will be controlled under this system – and as stated above, will depend on your compliance. As far as possible you will work from home, with more and more work being undertaken by robots. Schwab’s long-term vision is for people to have implants within their bodies, which will act as their score card and efficiently allow access to or refuse entry to buildings or to move around.

This begs the question, if you, the ordinary people, don’t own anything in the future, who does? Schwab’s book, “The Great Reset” is rather silent on this, but the recent huge investments made by his friend Bill Gates into private aviation infrastructure and farming assets may give outsiders a clue.

Some phrases you will hear from Mr. Schwab, Bill Gates and all government and business leaders who are controlling this are: “Build Back Better”, “New Normal” and “Stakeholder Capitalism” – repeated on a regular basis by all world leaders who have been educated in WEF training programmes. It is like a dreadful NewSpeak mantra from Orwell’s 1984, a ghastly sort of global freemasonry, but without the charity work.

The fallacy and lies of the “pandemic” have been used to achieve much of these goals already. Indeed, Schwab is fond of saying, “Let’s not let the pandemic go to waste”.

Indeed, the “pandemic” is the Trojan horse. It has been years in the planning and has been used as an excuse to achieve the takeover and implementation of a society built on total control and surveillance ID systems and digital central currencies.

None of this could be achieved without a level of psychological operations and brainwashing that Goebbels and the Nazis or Stalin and Mao and the Communists could only dream of. Of course, the poor Nazis and the Communists did not have the benefit of the many insights about psychology gained from the Internet age, nor the sheer weight of money to spend on a relentless and huge marketing campaign of lies about Covid – the tool used to bamboozle the public into fear and then submission and compliance with the coming surveillance society.

Covid Lies and Health Apartheid

So, already, we are seeing access to travel, pubs, restaurants, theatres, sporting events and much more become limited, under a kind of awful health apartheid, to those who can show an electronic pass evidencing that they have agreed to be injected with a new, experimental biological agent, this despite these agents still being in a test phase, which will not be completed until late in 2023.

Other countries have gone even further already – withholding school places, jobs and even health care from those who refuse to be “vaccinated”. Past UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock has already floated the idea of withholding health care from “unvaccinated” people.

Anyone can see this is insane.

For example, we now have the sight of people who have recovered from Covid and have long term immunity, refused the “vaccine” and unlikely to be re-infected for a long time being denied entry to shops, football games and even health care, whilst the “vaccinated” who can increasingly spread it are allowed in!

The infrastructure to complete this phase is still being rolled out – with 5G being a key part of this to manage the data collected – but QR Codes for entry are now an increasingly common sight everywhere and will become more so in the future.

Are all our MPs a part of this takeover?

Most ministers will be, but most MPs will probably not be – but what happens is outside of their control anyway and is driven by a media and a scientific body that is not controlled by them.

Let’s turn then to look at the so called “Covid vaccines”, the old Trojan horse, I mentioned before. The term “vaccine” in this context is possibly misleading – most act more as biological agents than traditional vaccines. Therefore, I always put the word “vaccine” in speech marks, where I am referring to the so called “vaccine” for Covid.

As a result of the censorship and propaganda, when people present for the Covid experimental biological agent to be put in their body, the vast majority have absolutely no idea that the worldwide survival rate with Covid is 99.85% or that the average age of death with Covid is 82 (in the UK). This age at death with Covid is slightly higher than the average age of death overall. Nor do they know that 95% to 99% of people* who die with Covid have at least one serious underlying health condition. (* The lowest study reports 95%, the highest cites 99.1%). This means there is a huge number of mis-labelled causes of death and conflation with other more serious illnesses – this is the “with Covid” or “of Covid” debate.

Most people will also not know that people under the age of 50 are at less risk of death from Covid than they would be from a normal seasonal flu.

People are also scandalously not told that this so called “vaccine” is still in a test phase and has been approved for “emergency use” only – this being deemed an “emergency” because the people controlling it say it is so. (The people who say it is an emergency are the World Health Organisation (WHO), whose second biggest funder is not a national government, it is one Mr. Bill Gates).

Gates also has huge investments in media organisations, big Pharma, and as we have mentioned before, also farmland and private aviation. And he is a personal principal donor of important scientific institutions, such as Imperial College, whose manic modeller, Neil Ferguson, dolls out a regular stream of always wrong models – whether for both animals or human populations, which always seem to argue for more lockdowns, “more vaccines”.

The people queuing for the “vaccines” are not verbally told how to report any adverse effects to their health on the Green Card form they are given. As a result, the health impacts caused by the “vaccines” will be wildly under-reported.

Further, they are also not told that the “vaccine” makers have been given full indemnity against damages to health caused by these products. The makers have no liability at all anywhere in the world. People are not told that any claim they could make to our own government, (which pays for the damaged out of taxes), if their health is damaged by the Covid “vaccines”, is limited to just £120,000.

These factors, this lack of informed consent, makes it my view that each person involved in these “vaccinations” – their promotion, distribution, administration and operational delivery – is responsible for serious violations on other human beings.

Covid Lies and How the Educated are Conned Too

Before I turn to the main Covid lies, I sometimes wonder why people who are highly educated and many of whom will have read the history of the twentieth century and/or psychology have fallen for the same, (albeit far more advanced), propaganda that Stalin and Goebbels used in a different time and place. I personally know many people like this.

I think it is because many people simply do not realise, they are living under censorship, possibly because they were not paying attention when the relevant Act of Parliament was passed. And those doing the censoring are obviously usually not in the habit of making public service announcements about that very censorship!

So, I would ask people to read the list of the lies I am going to run through – and then go on to click on the link at the end to go to read other papers that explain why you are being lied to, who is behind the lies and why they are doing it. These papers include links to real science looking at lockdowns, face nappies and the whole test and track and trace system and why all these measures are ineffective, if not, in fact, completely pointless.

So, let’s looks at what the main lies about Covid are.

The Main Covid Lies – Lies about Lockdown, Masks and Vaccines

1. That the government and Sage are being honest.

This is not true, as I have explained above.

They are certainly being controlled from above and the mostly controlled mainstream media is driving the “narrative” and ignoring and banning respected scientists, especially people from the field of medicine. The same is happening in social media. Sage is heavily populated with “modellers”, psychologists and mathematicians.

2. That the virus is novel, so there is no immunity to it.

This is simply not true. Past exposure to other coronaviruses, including the common cold and Sars Cov1 provide a strong immunity. As well as antibodies that can be detected, many people will have T and B cell immunity already. This explains why the death rate is less than normal seasonal flus for the under 50s.

3. That the virus is very much more lethal than anything else we’ve encountered.

Covid is not pleasant for many people. But it is not lethal.

As explained already, the survival rate for someone who gets Covid is 99.85% worldwide. In the UK, the survival rate is 99.7%, slightly lower here because we have a more obese and older population, but clearly it is still very high indeed.

Now, I am not saying that the “vaccine” should not be given to the very old and to people who have serious underlying health conditions. They are at a higher risk after all – and they should make up their own mind if they want the “vaccine” – but only after being given accurate and honest information on it, so they can give informed consent. This means they must be informed of the actual risks of Covid to them – in particular, their personal chances of being hospitalised by it or being killed by it, based on the statistical evidence we now have.

4. That there are no treatments.

Again, not true. There are at least three treatments that have been cheap and effective and have been used a very long time in medicine to treat other ailments. They are in order of apparent effectiveness, Ivermectin, Dexamethasone and Hydroxychloroquine. Vitamin D also seems to be a useful preventative, so getting exposure to the great outside is good, certainly not cowering away indoors, as the government previously was trying to get people to do.

The success of these treatments either to prevent someone getting Covid or getting ill if they get it, has been ignored in a most scandalous way, by the WHO and the people who are set to make money from the “vaccine” – the big pharma companies.

Losing weight is also a good way to avoid a bad outcome with Covid – as it is a big risk factor. Again, there is a strange silence on this, which is odd because a rational person would have thought this to be an excellent, once in a lifetime opportunity to drive home the healthy eating / more exercise message.

Again, and oddly, very little on this from the UK government. In fact, by telling people to stay at home, they and other governments did the exact opposite.

5. That Long Covid “is a thing

I have yet to see any decent statistical evidence showing that Long Covid “is a thing”, as modern vernacular would put it.

It seems to me that a whole variety of other conditions have been grouped together and conveniently assigned to be “as a result of Long Covid”, including post viral fatigue that is common to many virus infections.

Supposed Long Covid is used by Covid “vaccine” zealots to make a desperate case for being jabbed to those few people who have bothered to find out that the actual death rate for Covid is tiny.

As a personal example, five years ago I developed a slight asthma condition. This at the tender age of 54. Now, I must take an inhaler most days and probably for the rest of my life. I did not even realise this “is a thing” and adults in middle age who have never had asthma before and who were fairly fit, could even develop it.

But it is real. It even has a name – Adult-Onset Asthma. And one of the major causes is apparently, the common cold. But we do not obsessively record all these and similar events following common colds and call them “Long Cold”.

We also now have a huge amount of mental illness, all caused by the terrifying psychological scare tactics unleashed on people by their own government. Much of this inevitably spills over into physical ill health, which will also be characterised as “Long Covid”.

6. That the PCR is a reliable test of clinically important infection. 

This is just not true and is another very important lie.

The founder of the PCR test, the now deceased, Kary Mullis, who got the Nobel Prize in chemistry for his pioneering work discovering this test, said categorically that the PCR test should NOT be used to evaluate disease, mainly because high levels of cycles made the so called “cases” found meaningless, because the “test” would yield a high number of false positives, especially at higher levels of amplification (number of cycles) and the test on its own is unable to determine live or dead virus.

Mullis was adamant that in no way should the PCR test be used to “diagnose” cases. Only a repeated positive test along with actual symptoms should be used to make a diagnosis of Covid likely being present.

Professor Mullis also had a very low opinion indeed of Doctor Anthony Fauci who is the United States “vaccine” and lockdown fanatic in chief.

7. That the virus can be spread by infected people without symptoms. 

People without symptoms – who are asymptomatic – can spread it a little bit possibly, but hardly at all. Some scientists think they cannot spread it at all.

The myth of widespread asymptomatic transmission is easily in the top three lies of all the lies put out about Covid. It informs the whole face nappy wearing nonsense and the test, track and trace system, (more on this below), that are linked with the equally useless PCR tests. It is also behind the scandalous and wrong-headed desire to vaccinate the young, who in most cases are asymptomatic.

8. Test, Track and Trace is effective

Because the PCR test is useless and asymptomatic transmission is very rare, as a corollary, the whole test, track and trace system is also pointless and a colossal waste of money, which is thought to be equivalent to the entire NHS annual budget.

Test, Track and Trace worked with Sars Covid 1 because the symptoms were severe, putting people into bed quickly, which also helped restrict its already weak ability to spread. Covid 19 is far less severe for most but far more transmissible too. This meant that Test, Track and Trace could never have worked against it. Any decent virologist would have understood this.

What should happen to slow transmission are two things.

First, better control of Covid in hospitals and second, getting people who are ACTUALLY ILL, to get tested and stay at home, if repeat tests show they have actually got Covid and for as long as they feel ill.

There is abundant evidence that the spread outside hospitals is caused by people who are on low/insecure incomes and the self-employed still going out to work when they actually have Covid and ARE ILL.

So, to stop them doing this, restrict tests to them and make it more than financially worth their while staying at home until they are no longer ill and hence not infectious. Also, recompense their employer generously too.

The only reason for the widespread system of testing is to get people used to being monitored and compliant, ready for a full Control Surveillance System.

9. That masks protect against transmission. 

There is zero clear evidence of the benefits of masks to the face nappy wearer or to others. They are simply being mandated for just two reasons: 1) As a visible symbol of compliance to those who are controlling this and 2) To keep up the fear level – because the sight of them makes people fearful that the environment and other people are not safe.

There is increasing evidence of the harms caused by increased CO2 inhalation as well as toxins in the masks for the wearer. And all this before we even consider the terrible damage being done to the environment by discarded muzzles.

10. That Lockdowns slow (or even prevent) transmission through the community.

I am told by those still listening to the likes of BBC News that Mr. Neil Ferguson, the useless “modeller” and failed astrophysicist from Imperial, still pops up on their news programmes with more of his dire predictions. (It is worth noting that other mainstream “news” regulars, Susan Michie and Christina Pagel are psychologists and mathematicians respectively. None of these have any medical experience whatsoever.)

For a long time, lockdown Covid zealots have been doing contortions to find “special circumstances” to explain away the success of light touch guidance and regulations in countries like Sweden and Finland, where excess deaths have been far lower than just about all the harsh lockdown countries in West, Central and Eastern Europe. The zealots typically cite a whole range of factors like housing density, migrant levels and more.

Unfortunately, for them, it has always been very easy to find another heavily locked down country in Europe that matches up on the same background factors to Sweden and Finland, but which fared much worse on excess deaths. This usually leads the zealots to resort to the vague – and hard to argue with – “culture” argument to try to explain the variance.

Similarly, across the pond, the American states that did not lock down at all – like the Dakotas are explained away by being “too rural” – and hence they “don’t count”, never mind the fact that they did much the same in terms of excess deaths as the rural-but-locked-down states.

However, now that big and more urban (and also demographically older states) like Florida and Texas have stood up to Doctor Fauci and dropped mask mandates and lockdowns for over 9 months and yet still fare better than most lockdown states on excess deaths, the zealots have a problem they cannot explain away by reference to any metric and even “culture”, since culture is fairly uniform across the USA.

So if you still watch the likes of BBC, ITV and Sky for news, you ought to find it odd that the BBC will still give time to Mr. Ferguson and his latest models to explain whatever wave we are now in and what will happen next, yet continue to ignore actual real world data from the likes of Florida and Texas, which prove that lockdowns don’t work, the only thing that makes a difference is people’s behaviour, which changes naturally in the event of a threat and for which no forced direction from government makes one iota of difference.

Non-locked down states in the USA and Sweden and Finland have come out with lower or the same excess death rates than other countries in Europe or other US states respectively. And their economies are in far better state too – which will yield health gains too over time, high income being correlated with better health.

Finally, in the UK, looking at each time the country locked down, so called “cases” had already started to fall even before the lockdowns were announced, as people adjusted their behaviour naturally.

The madness of this is that there was always an alternative to lockdown and extreme social distancing, or shelter in place orders – it was called the “2011 Pandemic Preparedness Plan”, but this was oddly ditched by Boris Johnson in March 2020, with no explanation given.

This approach was taken up and updated as the” focussed protection” plan, which was put forward by an enlightened group of very senior public health experts called the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD). It was this approach that was eventually followed by US states like Florida and Texas with great success. 

In fact, lockdown was really the “let it rip” strategy, one size fits all, whilst the GBD approach was a targeted “let it rip” amongst the young and healthy, just as we’ve done throughout recorded history to build up herd/community immunity whilst at the same time protecting the old and vulnerable.  

It is perhaps instructive that Neil Ferguson of Imperial College infamously commented, “…and then Italy did it”. This is clear evidence that him and his controllers wanted a means to get their own way to respond and to divert government to abandon their 2011 Pandemic Preparedness Plan.

It is worth noting that some countries even attempted a “Zero Covid” strategy.

Anyone with any knowledge of basic biology will tell you that this is utter nonsense and could never have worked for two reasons. First, Covid is already out there and widespread. Second, because, like all Coronaviruses and flus, it has origins in animals and often jumps to and from other species. Unless you were to kill all the possible animal hosts, that would never work.

You may hear people saying Zero Smallpox was achieved via vaccinations. First, this is a lie and a re-writing of history. In fact, smallpox was eliminated by better hygiene and public sanitation. Indeed, 19th century vaccine mandates for smallpox were stopped in the end because the vaccine was killing so many people! Second, smallpox is a human-only disease, it does not jump across species, unlike coronaviruses.

11. That variants formed during virus replication are more dangerous and some will escape immunity.

Despite scare claims made for subsequent variants, none has been found to actually be more deadly. More transmissible, yes, possibly. More deadly, no, in fact so far, always less deadly. This is the situation most of the time when viruses evolve.

And yet the main media has tried to cover up the fact that they are less deadly until such time that it was glaringly obvious this was the case. Even now, little awareness exists of this fact, such is the stranglehold on the main media of those controlling this.

However, some scientists are now worried that the intense rate of “vaccination” for Covid could put “environmental pressure” on Covid, such that new, more deadly variants emerge. They point out that in a normal virus, spread among the well and relatively unaffected would lead to more virulent but less deadly strains to dominate. By interfering in this process, rather like the over-use of antibiotics, more deadly strains are far more likely to emerge. For more on this, see the work of Mike Yeadon and Geert Vanden Bossche.

12. That it’s uncertain if you can be infected twice.

If you had Covid and recovered from it, it would be unusual if you could be infected twice in a short period by a virus or a mutation of that same virus. Most viruses give protection for a very long time. People who were children in the 1918/19 pandemic were still found to have immunity in their 90s.

Compare natural immunity to vaccine performance. Already, in heavily vaccinated countries, we are seeing that the vaccines are less effective against new variants.

Natural immunity from any past infection would normally be expected to trump the performance of any vaccine – and the evidence so far is that it is doing so again.

13. That the vaccines are safe and effective.

For half a century scientists tried and could not create a vaccine against the common cold, also a Coronavirus.

Yet in under a year, they have supposedly developed a “safe and effective” Covid “vaccine”, but, despite their stated confidence, they all refuse to accept any financial liability for harms caused by it.

The Covid “vaccine” uses new experimental biological agents – an approach which is very different to traditional vaccines. And it is still in the test phase.

It’s unlikely, impossible in fact, that the new “vaccines” will be more effective than our evolving immune system.

The UK Yellow Card and US’s VAERS reporting systems for side effects are in place. In the US, the side effects and deaths for the Covid “vaccines” are greater than for all previous 70 vaccines invented already.

14. That if you have had Covid already, you should still get the Covid “vaccine”

This is utter nonsense. As of today, it is thought about 5 million British people have definitely had Covid. Many more will have had Covid, not even know it and will have immunity. Others will have a level of immunity from other Coronaviruses.

This immunity will likely last a long time.

They DO NOT need a vaccine, no matter what age they are. Yet, this does not concern the pro-vaccine, pro-technocratic control lobby who are pushing for all to be vaccinated, even if they are already immune.

But as this is actually not about public health anymore (and in fact never was), this is to be expected.

15. That people who are unvaccinated can somehow drive the spread of new variants

There is absolutely no evidence to support this from virology.

Indeed, as vaccinated people can spread it too, this would seem unlikely. The small group of medics supporting this nonsense idea are all from institutions supported by Bill Gates and others, who as we have seen, are heavily invested in the technocratic control agenda and in “vaccines” – the Trojan horse used to drive this through.

16. That it is OK to bully those who don’t wish to take the “vaccine” and to put them in some sort of apartheid, with limited rights to travel, work or go to school, even deny them access to health care.

For a start it is the exact opposite of what should be done.

We now know from Israel’s early experience, that “vaccine” effectiveness wanes after only 5 or 6 months. So, it now seems that people who opted for these “vaccines” might need booster shots (re-vaccinating) for ever. Contrast that with the experience of people who had Covid and recovered (99.85% of people). It seems they have a longer lasting and a stronger immunity to new variants.

Given that the re-infected “vaccinated” people can presumably spread it more, as they have been re-infected, they are actually the ones most at risk to other people.

But going further and regarding the legitimate right to refuse to take an Experimental Biological Agent in one’s arm, I ask totalitarian folks who think this is “OK” to replace the word “vaccine refusenik” or “lockdown denier” with the words “Jew”, “Homosexual”, “Gypsy” “Tutsi Cockroach” or “Bosnian Muslim” and then re-read the sentence and have a good look at themselves.

The Nazis back in the 1930s introduced a pass that was ostensibly a health pass. Only “healthy” Aryans could have it. Unhealthy people could not get it, nor of course, could Roma, Slavs, Jews, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses etc., who were all deemed to be “unhealthy”.

The pass, called The Ahnenpass, allowed those good, healthy German citizens to be able to exercise their rights to go to school, work, travel, go to bars and restaurants etc.

Ending this piece on Nazi Germany is appropriate because I would like to think that one day there will be a Nuremberg 2 – and the people behind this attempt to take away our rights and impose a controlled technocratic society and who may be responsible for the deaths of millions will face serious penalties.

What difference can you make?

Get involved in the resistance on social media, but also directly face to face. (Face to face is very important because rumours now abound that the internet will be turned off, on the excuse of there being a cyberattack).

Share information on the real science and attend rallies.

The last series of rallies in London have each been attended by around 200,000 people, possibly more. Even the mainstream media are finding this hard to ignore, not least because the people attending are telling more and more people – the word is spreading and other folks, who may be sceptical initially, are starting to find the almost total media blackout on the rallies somewhat sinister.

It is this which has forced the media to start reporting the rallies albeit, with ever odder contortions to explain the size of the rallies. At one London event, they tried to claim the numbers were due to several rallies taking place on the same day. In fact, there was only one other rally – a Pro Palestine event, (which I also support). However, it mustered barely 1,000 people, by all accounts.

I personally caught out one BBC journalist, ironically from their “Disinformation Unit” photo-shopping in a QAnon flag at the rally in London in September. Presumably, this was done to paint the ordinary people who attend as extremist right wing head cases. They are not – they are ordinary people like you and me from all ages, classes, races, creeds.

There is much to be done locally to, especially if you cannot attend a march in a city or town centre. Find out about your local “Stand in the Park” group, there will be one near you. These meet every Sundays at 10am in local parks. Go and join in – and you will meet like-minded, concerned citizens.

The link below contains more links to articles on the real science – the truth about masks, lockdowns, “vaccines” and more from real medical experts and other scientists. I implore you to open it, read it and do your research, before life changes irrevocably and irreversibly – and before it is banned for good.

Thanks to my friend Kevin Wilson for some very useful contributions to this blog post and also for the support of Jean, Dagmar, Steve, Kate, James and Alexis from our local resistance group .


At my Twitter page, on July 9th I published a Tweet which simply said this: “I do not know anyone who had needed to go to hospital “With Covid” or anyone who has died. Do you?”

I got around 200 replies, 180 said “No” they did not either. 20 said they did, but 14 of them commented the people they knew either contracted it in a hospital after going in or suffered from serious health problems already and/ or were in very advanced age.

But also, around 100 said they knew people who had got very ill or died because of the “vaccine”. I had not even asked about the “vaccine” on my Tweet, the people just volunteered this information. This is rather scary to say the least.

My hope is someone with enough resources could commission independent research into this. (Not with one of the dodgy pollsters under the control of the technocrats, obviously).

All our articles on the Covid Lunacy:

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1st April 2020


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  • @Not SimonPearson961

    Brilliant. Thanks

  • Brilliant article. Thanks.

  • Depopulation

  • True on all counts! Now what??!!

  • Put together and explained in an accessible way. Exactly what is needed.Thank you.

  • I have been researching a lot of what you were talking about and was in agreement until the second ‘Trojan Horse’ appeared.. Hmm you didn’t bother to proof read this did you? I’m not saying I disagree with you but I will read the rest with some caution.

  • Superb – well done. This is one of the best accounts I have read. A bit thin on why so many educated people have been conned: J Sumption and N Hudson can contribute here.

  • This is a great brief overview. Thank you!! Saving for later.

  • A superb, account if reality. Thank you for taking such trouble. Nick.

  • This almost exactly matches my own research results I have done since early 2020. What to do?? Only the masses can change things by refusing tests and vaccinations. Please check out what Prof Sucharit Bhakti has to say.

  • SAGE.!!.. a SYMBOLIC APPLICATION of a GEOMETRICAL EQUATION,..this “agenda” equates with and can be found in GENESIS in the Bible. How many people are aware of this global biblical “projection” for the future, all based on imperfection within perfection. The truth is really a lie, but no one will ever know or see the “difference” because the image of GOD is in full view staring at you at all times.

  • My husband and I have also done (and are still doing) massive research since we ‘smelt a rat’ in early 2020. We have questioned whether the push to have under 20s vaccinated is a way of causing sterilisation in the future to reduce population. Just a thought. Well done on a fantastic article. We must fight back.

  • David, I agree with everything you say and admire you for speaking out publicly – we need more genuine whistle-blowers and they should be rewarded – not castigated for telling the truth! I have a couple of links to sites in the USA that have been publishing articles since the start of the ‘pandemic’ – Please read and share:-
    COVID Archive
    For Jon Rappoport’s Coronavirus archive (No More Fake News)

    Thanks again David for helping to inform the public,
    Best regards, Paul Liversuch.

  • Very well explained and written as others have commented on. I will be forwarding it and using this as reference in a meeting with a GP and CCG tomorrow who seek to impose a second jab on my 26 year old disabled son who lacks capacity to make decisions for himself. First jab imposed on him early May when he had only been discharged from hospital two days before and when clinically unwell which I didn’t consent to has (as I suspected) resulted in a number of adverse reactions which I’ve reported to the Yellow Card Scheme. Predominately extreme fatigue and other issues relating to his existing neurological conditions which show no sign of improvement

  • I am relatively convinced that the term Long Covid, which i believe was first used in January, is the propaganda term used to blame Covid for long term side effects of the injection, just as the term asymptomatic was used to explain false positives..

    Good read though..

    • Thank you….It is certainly a “cover all basis” thing.
      Binary choice maybe:
      1. Get Covid and have 99.9% chance of recovery, get immunity for all variants probably for life.
      2 Get the quackcine, still be able to spread it, be likely to get new variants for rest of one’s life, with increasing risk of being sick from them over time, only ameliorated (possibly) with booster jabs – for life

    • The BBC piece you sent on Schwab did not touch on any of his more worrying ideas.

      You ought to know that on May 13 your Government published something even more sinister than Klaus Schwab’s Industrie 4.0.

      In ‘partnership’ with the German military the UK Government has published a 110-page ‘think-piece’ called Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm.
      I suggest you dig it out.
      It parrots and may even copy and paste Schwab’s stuff. I know, I have read his Great Reset.

      Surely, it is only during our times of so-called ‘scientific emergency’ and the Coronavirus Act that this could possibly get a hearing.

      Human augmentation, we are told in the paper, is necessary for military defence: if our soldiers don’t augment – through gene editing among other techniques – the enemy will get there first.

      The theory is absurd. No matter how robust our soldiers’ exoskeletons, or gene-edited eyesight, or drugged-up brain power with – wait for it – ‘neuropsychopharmacology’, they are not protected from nuclear bombs. Furthermore, to win a war after creating an army of gene-edited monsters would be a Pyrrhic victory indeed.

      Human augmentation is not primarily about defence; it is about transforming society in the vision of its authors. The authors of this government document talk about man made in their idealised image, complete with ‘life extension’.

      There are many instances of the word ‘gene’: ‘gene therapy’, ‘gene editing’, ‘gene sequences’. We read that British society is already amenable to gene editing because much of the population in 2021 has accepted jabs of synthetic mRNA gene expression.

      But here’s the rub (page 46):

      ‘This example [Covid-19 vaccination] shows that we cannot assume human augmentation will be automatically effective or accepted in its intended use, no matter how beneficial its effects may be. Human augmentation may be resisted by elements of society that do not trust the effectiveness and motive of the augmentation. This will increase the need for dialogue between society, industry and the state’

      … so that’s OK then!

      HM Government now suppresses meaningful dialogue, it has given up the right to expect our trust. ‘Dialogue’ between society and state involves bribing 16-year-olds to accept gene therapy even if their parents deny consent.

      Where are the ethics in all this? The document goes on:

      ‘We cannot wait for the ethics of human augmentation to be decided for us . . . There may be a moral [sic] obligation to augment people, particularly in cases where it promotes well-being and protects us from novel threats. It could be argued that treatments involving novel vaccination processes and gene and cell therapy are examples of human augmentation already in the pipeline . . . (Slowly boiling a frog?)

      ‘The future of human augmentation should not be decided by ethicists or public opinion, although both will be important voices; rather governments will need to develop a clear policy position that maximises the use of human augmentation in support of prosperity, safety and security, without [sic] undermining our [sic] values.’

      So that is nice to know, we will be consulted. How nice!
      Do we get to say no?
      What if all the media say how great it is?
      Will people comply then?
      Chances are they might, as they have already signed up to an experimental procedure that does not stop them getting future Covid variants, whose efficacy may wane far faster than natural immunity, does not stop them spreading it either and condemns them to ever more booster shots so Big Pharma gets ever richer!

      Are you OK with this paper?
      Are you comfortable about the BBC’s piece now, think it was thorough enough?
      Have you a sinking feeling you have been conned?

  • You state above “These people and groups have forced national governments to suppress and impose outright bans on other scientific thought and expertise” – Am I right to assume from what you write that “These people” are Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Tony Blair, the World Economic Forum, The Bildberberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, the Rothschild, Rockefeller and JP Morgan dynasties? If I’m right, could you provide any evidence for your assertion that they have forced national governments to suppress and impose outright bans on other scientific thought and expertise?

    • Yes, got it in one
      I think it is a bit like something that looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck.
      You cannot be 100% sure it is a duck, but you could take the risk and put a hundred quid on it being, in fact, a duck.
      So when you see real medics and other proper experts like Proessors Gupta, Kulldorf, Heneghan, Ioanniddis get banned from YouTube, Twitter et al and the owners of these organisations are the same people who own or fund a lot of the lame stream media and scientific institutions, you could safely join the dots.
      Unfortunately, they do not issue press releases saying they have banned them, but I do not suppose they are just discussing the font on the WEF new website when they have their meetings.
      As I say, “If it walks like a duck…..”

      It will especially tough for you, as a former enforcer of government action, to accept that your beloved government is anything other than benign and mostly working for its citizens.
      Just follow the money.
      (By the way, this is not to criticise you, it has not been easy for me either to see what has been going on. I had only attended one march pre March 2020 and also believed the government was not being controlled by forces above it. Accepting this is not easy, I know)

      Friends and allies: The Gates Foundation and British scientists | The Conservative Woman

      Bill Gates’s stranglehold on the MSM: Part 2 – Britain | The Conservative Woman
      The media loves the Gates Foundation. These experts are more skeptical. – Vox
      Bill Gates’s stranglehold on the MSM: Part 1 | The Conservative Woman
      Klaus Schwab and his great fascist reset | winter oak
      (This is a long but excellent piece from a very left wing perspective, but which includes extensive quotes from Mr. Schwab’s books and his WEF website.)
      Twenty-year genetic trail behind Covid’s creation | The Conservative Woman
      A State of Fear: How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic: Dodsworth, Laura: 9781780667201: Books

  • Ah well, in one way you’re right, it’s especially tough for me to accept opinion as evidence. I never got away with it.

    • Yes in a court of law, these things cannot be proven, but for me common sense says the weight of probability is that this is what is happening.

      I think there is some irritation among the Covid Cult cheerleaders now that it is not just people in tents with crusty beards and holey sweaters who are asking questions and saying things do not seem right. (In fact I see very few people with crusty jumpers at the protests I have attended, just a cross section of society. Try coming!)

      A friend of mine just sent me this, He is a level headed business type like me, in fact you will have met him at our wedding. I thought it puts it quite well.
      He said this:
      “Very prescient Daf and I’ve actually thought since 4/20 that there was something amiss.
      The footage looked choreographed in China and Italy, and then there was the hysteria whipped up by the press that also felt “over cooked” as we’ve seen these occasional health flare ups before.
      As time went on there were too many coincidences happening between countries and decisions made that veered away from what was done previously, and what was in the plan that got immediately shredded.
      I know they say “don’t waste an opportunity during a crisis”, but that’s how it’s felt with unscrupulous people barging through either desperate to make money, or to relish telling others what to do, or else! Then there’s the death of individualism and thinking for yourself and instead the forced worship of national and supranational bodies I didn’t ask or vote for.
      I’m still undecided who’s really behind what we’re witnessing, but agree with you hard core sceptics that the names bandied about are definitely involved in some way. It’s the hierarchy that eludes me!”
      I don’t want to live in a permissive society watching continuously what and how I do things, and where we pay but don’t have any true representation – now where are those tea chests as I’m destined for the harbour!”

      I do not know exactly how the hierarchy works further down but it does work, just as it did in Soviet times and under the Nazis.
      Gates and Schwab are part of the hierarchy, for sure.
      Indeed, as I always say; “The greatest sadness is to see educated people who actually studied modern history and psychology fall for the same tricks as the Nazis and Soviets used”
      Suggest Laura Dodsworth book is a good place to start to see the propaganda effort.

      The fear for me is that if you wish to wait for the final acts to be sure that a surveillance controlled state is indeed planned, it will be too late to do anything about it at that point.
      Indeed, I think it is already too late, but that is another matter and I persevere in hope.

    • I often just look at the logic…or lack of it…
      Example: “Vaccinating” kids who are at mathematically zero risk…and when they have had it, they are still are at least at the same risk of passing it on as if they had not had the “vaccine”
      That is pure illogical. It is insane.
      No one who can still think could ever see that as sensible, in any way..
      And I guess another question I often ponder is this: Why is it that the debate we are having here now is denied on say the BBC…and it is denied.
      Sure, I know folks often run off at this point and will find the odd occasion when Carl Heneghan pops up on R4, but it is as rare as ricking horse droppings.
      The debate is denied, and that for me, says everything – it appears planned, it is not an accident nor a result of Boris Buffonery, it is in fact a world event, carefully choreographed using controlled media and scientific bodies, the stifling and shutting down of scientists who question things, the denial of open debate.
      I think there is nothing more to say here.

  • Thanks David,
    Great paper. Nothing I was not already aware of but well presented and structured.
    A really good basis when attempting to inform the sheeple!

    • It is awful there. It is on our social media feed a lot is Aussie – at least for us who are Awake.
      Such a shame – lovely country which I holidayed with my now wife in, back 25 years ago.
      Get felloe Aussies to STOP COMPLYING.
      No masks, no testing, no quackcine, none of it…and support businesses that do not comply, whilst boycotting businesses that do.

  • Thanks David!
    I agree with everything you said and I have cases in my own family of people who underwent treatment with ivermectin and prednisone and are very well today. One of this people is my dad, 80 years old. So, against facts there are no arguments. But here in Brazil we can´t talk about this. Unfortunately, it is not elected president Bolsonaro who runs the country, but the supreme court who plays against the citizens.
    Last week the president spoke on national television that he would not vaccinate his 11-year-old daughter, and now the Supreme Court is articulating to make vaccinating children ages 5-12 mandatory, but neither drug companies nor members of the Supreme Court nor politicians and even doctors do not want to take responsibility for the adverse effects of the vaccine. But if parents decide not to vaccinate their children, they will be punished for irresponsibility and may even lose custody of the child. The evil tooks the world.

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