Digital control, surveillance and the new normal – what will happen next

It is all coming together.

For the following reasons I am sure the events I describe here will happen sooner rather than later and most likely in the Autumn.

First, the global lockstep rolling out of laws to silence free speech. In the UK, this is planned to be enforced by the so-called Online Safety Bill. This would give power to the government to ensure only approved messages could be expressed on social media. What is deemed to be “misinformation” would be banned.

So anyone holding a different view to the State on the safety of Covid “vaccines” or on anything else, climate chnage for example, would be banned. Most eerily, and in lockstep, the EU, US and other major countries are about to enact similar laws. Also, in the UK, the Public Order Bill will stop people demonstrating whenever the state decides that the marches cause “too much noise” and specific people deemed troublemakers could be banned from attending, even when they have committed no crime.

Second, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is busily trying to get all nations to sign up to a charter for healthcare, which would override local parliaments and their laws. This would give this unelected body the power to enforce mandatory injections or total lockdowns combined with surveillance “for your safety” worldwide.


This is what I think could happen next.

A new nasty variant or new bug will be released in time for the coming northern hemisphere winter.

By then, it will be tacitly admitted that lockdowns are too costly to the economy and the wider health of the population, so rather than a repeat of house arrests, everyone will have to have to take the new “vaccines” instead. This will be sold to the public “as necessary” so that “normal life” can continue and so that old “freedoms” can “be retained”.

Of the old non-pharmaceutical interventions, “masking”, will however, be reinstated as an outward symbol of the “emergency” and as an every day sign of fear, compliance and widespread population obedience and assent.

Those who refuse to have the “vaccine” or to wear a face nappy will find they are excluded from society. I do not think they will initially be threatened with the kind of harsh treatments as seen recently in Shanghai and other Chinese cities, where people are boarded up inside their homes, or in Australia, where dissenters were moved to special camps, but the Australian experience is certainly a possible reality in the next 18 months or so.

The restrictions will be enforced by “digipasses”, restricting the outside activity of dissenter-refuseniks. It is possible that “vaccine” refuseniks will be prevented from working, from attending school and receiving health care treatment. This will be sold as a way of “keeping others safe”. (It is important that people understand that total control and surveillance via digital passes was always the end goal. Covid, the “vaccines” and the so called “pandemic” is just the best, most obvious mechanism to bring this about).

There will be a restart of a new level of intense government propaganda through the media, but this time with more accent than before on the “othering” and shaming of dissenters and “vaccine” refuseniks.

It is likely that governments will take control of dissenters’ bank accounts as has proven workable and successful in Canada during the Trucker Protests, where not just the Trucker Protest accounts but also the donors to the protests had their accounts raided.

The non “vaccinated” may find their ability to make payments is restricted or stopped completely and fines levied directly on their banking accounts. 

An order will be made that all benefit payments will henceforth be made into new central bank digital accounts. This will allow for more control than is achievable where the account is with a commercial bank. This will be sold to the public as “more practical, less subject to fraud”, and offering the potential to control what benefit recipients can spend the taxpayer’s “money” on. (Message – “Benefit “scroungers” prevented from cheating the system and wasting taxpayers’ cash on fags, pizzas, and booze”).

Incentives, such as reduced energy tariffs, could be provided for benefit recipients to make the switch to these new accounts, or it may be just implemented with no option to opt out – so either move to the new accounts or receive no more benefits.

The removal of free speech on social media which is now being passed into law in lockstep in the EU, the UK the USA and other countries will be used to totally censor dissent in the social “public square”. As before, this will be sold as an “essential part of the emergency” to prevent the spread of supposedly dangerous “disinformation” especially that which comes from independent, highly respected scientists and medical experts. They will be banned completely from both main and social media. Critical TV stations such as GB News will be shut down.

Ofcom restrictions on TV and radio will continue backed by ongoing or renewed censorship under “emergency powers” to restrict “disinformation” in the rest of the mainstream media. This will be extended to the scientific and medical press.  More use will be made of British Board of Film Censors bans as has been used recently against “The Conservative Woman”, a troublesome website of free speech, where this site was rated as “Adult Content”, thus restricting its reach and making it impossible to access outside of some WIFI networks.

Public gatherings and protests will again be banned under law. This may extend as far as banning the “Stands in the Parks”.

Distraction Theatre

That’s what could be coming. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but the lockstep global move to censor social media of other narratives other than the government line now has me very worried.

There will be an ongoing “theatre of distraction” in place at the same time – the NATO-Russia war, for example, still laughably referred to by some as “the Ukraine-Russia war”.

If you liked this, please send it one to anyone you know who is still asleep, (which I estimate is about 96% of the people), so they may just awake when these events come to pass.

But don’t hold your hopes too high. If and when these things happen, most of the public will likely once again be brainwashed into accepting the variant or new bug somehow just “magically arose” and that all the restrictions “are necessary” to preserve public health and so a “new normal way of life” can continue.

The final reason why there is an urgency to move quickly is that more people are slowly waking up to the reality that the Covid “vaccines” do not prevent people getting Covid, stop them passing it onto others or do much (or indeed anything at all) to prevent hospitalisation and death from Covid – as the government’s own statistics show.

Though the discussion of these statistics is banned on most mainstream media under the emergency powers, people can increasingly see from their own experience from the people they know, that the injected seem to get Covid more often. The frequent sudden deaths of many young people who are in the public eye is getting hard to avoid too.

Also, more people are waking up to the serious injuries and deaths caused by the Covid “vaccines”. In the UK, over 600,000 people have, (despite “the safe and effective” mantra), reported a range of vaccine injuries and sicknesses on the NHS Yellow Card scheme. The total deaths recorded on the Yellow Card reporting system as being caused by the Covid “vaccines” is 2,100, which is thought to be between 5 and 10% of the actual total.

David Lawrenson 6th May 2022

Update 26 Aug 2022: Seeing the energy crisis predictably unfold, I think that people on low incomes and all in receipt of housing benefits, will soon be made an offer to significantly reduce energy unit costs they are charged if they agree to transfer their bank accounts to a newly created central bank digital currency (CBDC) account. Debts, up to a certain limit, will be written off for those making full bank transfers. The retail banks letterhead would remain on the customer’s bank statements, but the accounts will effectively be run by a central agency.

The banks, as part of the deal, would still have access to customer database to sell more profitable products like PPI and motor insurance, for which they would pay royalty fees to the state. The retail banks will be happy to be relieved of these loss-making customers. Any dissenting bank shareholders can be ignored as the proposal will go through anyway as the big investors, the likes of Blackrock say, are all fully bought in on the plan anyway.

For customers, the continuation of certain benefits may be dependent on them making transfer to these new CBDC accounts. Or possibly increased state benefits, (along with lower energy tariffs), could be offered as a carrot. With the CBDC accounts, all customer transactions can be fully monitored in real time and additional “helpful credits” given to those whose transaction activity reveals a low carbon footprint and who are “doing their bit” to “Protect the Planet”.

Actually, this is not my prediction, but any old fool can glean this direction of travel from the strands set out in Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” book, helpfully available from all good high street and online bookshops.

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